Dessert Day – 1st of February

What unites such thoughts as tiramisu, roasting, pudding, chuck-chuck, cheesecake, eclair, marzipan, charlotte, strudel, ice cream, as well as the dates November 12 and February 1? Most immediately it becomes obvious that this list can be continued for a very long time. All of them are varieties of popular desserts - dishes served after the…
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January 2020 Lady of the Month: Viktoriya

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Viktoriya from Kyiv: "If you have visited my page, I ask you to please read everything to the very end. It's always easy to talk about other people, but at the same time, it's so hard to talk about yourself. my friends say I am very kind, sensitive, friendly and generous. I always try to behave to people the way I want them to behave to me. I am emotional and charismatic, I always have my own point of view and I never try to be someone's copy. I am very energetic and I try to enjoy and accept everything that life gives to the fullest. I am loving, caring and loyal. I enjoy the simple things in life: a family, a loving husband and a great job. I like the flowers. My favorite poppies, tender, fragile and sensitive as I am. The only thing I dream about is meeting with the person who could create a family. I believe that this site will help me with this! I love life and life loves me."

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How to Keep a Relationship at a Distance

Talk Of course, a variety of instant messengers is big - you can stay in touch all day on VeronikaLove site writing letters or chatting in Online Chat. But still try to talk to each other more often - on the Phone for example, rather than writing messages. In correspondence, it is impossible to accurately…
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5 Tips for Men Who Want to Understand Women

Although men cannot be from Mars and women from Venus, there are fundamental biological differences between the female and male sexes. One of them is the way we communicate. Incorrect understanding or interpretation of another person’s words can lead to communication problems, thoughts that “female psychology” is something incomprehensible, so you don’t have to try.…
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