4th of July – Independence Day in the USA

Independence Day in the USA is the most loved and adored holiday! The country does its best to celebrate it in all possible and bright ways, as this day unites all states and all people living there. Everyone get prepared in advance, and there is also an official day-off this day, so everyone can have…
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Signs that There Is Something Wrongs in Your Relations

Relations mean not only good times and pleasant time spending, but also hard and everyday work. You just need to accept the fact that it is impossible to stay by someone’s side and not to do anything for both feeling comfortable. But still there may appear problems. And also there are signs when some disconnection…
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June 2018 Lady of the Month: Yulia

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Yulia from Melitopol: "I am kind, smart, sociable, merry, romantic, tender, rectilinear, caring, sometimes capricious, active, friendly, easy-going. I love children, animals, flowers, sea. My mood sometimes changeable, but I know exactly what my heart will belong to my one and only man. My motto is to smile to life and it will show its smile to you. So, I smile to my life and all the people around."

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23rd of June – World Fishing Day

There is a wide variety of hobbies. Of course, we usually spend time at work or with our families and friends, but there is always something that attracts us apart from this, and something we wish to be really good at, as this occupation brings us joy, and sometimes simply kills time allowing to have…
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