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Alina from Kremenchug, Ukraine: "I am here to find a person with whom I will not be alone, even if he is far away. I need someone to help me go forward and not look back. my man will be the best for me. with me he will cope with overcoming every difficulty and become stronger. My man will know that he is waiting for a clean and comfortable home, delicious food, an atmosphere that I skillfully can create. I am looking for a strong support, loving and honest companion of life! With my man, I must feel myself. Are you a brave and confident man? If you see yourself in these lines, then a great future awaits us!"

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Does the age difference important in a relationships?

George Clooney, Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Jackman are not only bright Hollywood stars, but also men who found happiness in unions with a big age difference. Their example proves that such marriages are not only possible, but also have no less chance of success than families of the same age. How does the age difference…
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Love and digital or how to find a soul mate using technology.

The search for a partner is natural for any person, regardless of race, age and social status. Our desire to be happy and loved remains unchanged, but the search methods have undergone some changes. How has dating been modernized in the digital era and what has this entailed? Once upon a time, the dating process…
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Romantic Success

People who easily make acquaintances with potential romantic partners have always been, are and will be the subject of envy and admiration. It is rather difficult to describe the qualities that these people possess, but usually it is innate charisma, a sense of humor and external attractiveness. Of course, social status, intellectual level, and other…
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