Winter mood from Tamara

Tamara from Kherson: "I like walking-tours, traveling, I enjoy keeping a healthy lifestyle, I do sport and eat healthily. I love to make my home neat and clean and well organized. I love pets, reading, art, history, learning new things."

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Aren’t You too Controlling in Your Relations?

Relations mean harmony and mutual respect, as well as tolerance in many aspects. However, we sometimes can’t even understand how it happens so that we are doing something wrong regarding our significant other. And as a result, there are no more two people but only the one who controls everything, and things must go only…
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She is who you are looking for…

Marina from Nikolaev thinks that real relationship is not a romantic atmosphere, but a spiritual bond filled with trust and kindness towards each other. That's why she would like to be confident in her man, and in return to become a gentle support that will wait for him at home in the evenings. A man and a woman should have a common interesting thing that will bring them closer. She is ready to plunge into the life of her second half, in order to understand it more.

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13th of November – World Kindness Day

The world is a nice place, and don’t believe those who say the opposite! The best advice to those who think that everything is so bad and there is so much evil around us is to start fixing the things up! Because if something is not done, why don’t you become the one who starts?…
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