15th of May – International Day of Families

International Day of Families, celebrated annually on May 15, was proclaimed by UN General Assembly in 1993. The establishment of this day aims to draw the attention of the public to many problems of the family. And its implementation provides an opportunity to raise awareness in matters relating to families, and to deepen knowledge of…
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The Best Trainer Ever

Marina from Khmelnytsk, Ukraine: "One thing I can guarantee - you will never be boring with me! Smile! I am curious and passionate about life, I am a very soft person with a conflict-free character. I believe that it is always better to do discuss a problem and to solve it in a good way rather than to create a conflict, especially between two loving people My emotions always go straight from my heart and I never hide my feelings. I think that opening your heart to your partner is the first step to a strong relationship. I love different kinds of art and I prefer to go to some painting exhibition instead of having passive rest at home, though it is sometimes not bad to stay at home and just relax either. I am a creative person and I want to develop in this direction. I love to dance! I'm interested in such styles as a jazz-funk and a strip of plastic. Do you like when woman dance strip of plastic? This incredible hobby that helps to keep me in good shape and tonus. I work as a model and makeup artist. Art is my passion! I graduated from modeling school because it was my childhood dream. I have many hobbies - acting, music, theater. I don’t look for an ideal man but I’m looking for a man who will make me ideal for him. Who will respect a woman in me and with whom I will feel protected and desired? I desire to find that special one who will win my heart and make me fall in love with, the one who will be my lover, friend, and companion, with whom we will achieve everything together and will be together forever."

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9th of May – Europe Day

Every year on May 9 in several European countries, and especially in the countries of the European Union (EU), Europe Day is officially celebrated. This day was established with the aim of closer involvement of European citizens in the integration process and was also intended to educate citizens of EU member states and people in…
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8th and 9th of May – Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation

On November 24, 2004, the UN General Assembly proclaimed May 8 and 9 as the Days of remembrance and reconciliation. Recognizing that states-members can have their Victory, Liberation, and Celebration Days, the UN invited all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to annually celebrate one of these days or…
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