11th of July – World Chocolate Day

Every year on July 11, sweet-toothed celebrate World Chocolate Day. This delicious holiday was invented and first held by the French in 1995. It is believed that the first to learn how to make chocolate are the Aztecs. They called it "the food of the gods." The Spanish conquistadors, who first brought him to Europe, dubbed…
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Each look suits her very well…

Anastasia from Zaporizhzhia: "I am a joyful and open young girl, active and creative person with a good sense of humor. I am very communicative but at the same time, I am an honest, tender, caring and thoughtful young woman. I am always glad to have good friends and I am searching for only one man."

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6th of July – World Kissing Day

Today, everyone can "share their souls" in full rights - July 6 is World Kiss Day (World Kiss Day or World Kissing Day), which was first invented in the UK. In many cities on this day, various kissing contests take place, the participants of which have a chance to win various prizes and gifts. How…
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Nature, river, Elena, and…you

Elena from Nikolaev: "I am looking for my husband. It has to be a loving man who intends to start a serious relationship and will be good support for me in the future. I appreciate a man whom I can rely on, share the joys of everyday life with him and give support when things are not going so well. He should be older than me, that means he is wiser..."

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