8th of March – International Women’s Day

Women are the most wonderful creatures in the whole world. They are sweeter than candies, more beautiful than the most precious piece of art and more devoted than anyone you could imagine! And what is more important – all men are so lucky to have them by their side! On the 8th of March, the…
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A special blonde lady is waiting for her second half

Victoria from Odessa: "The type of person who always sees the glass as half full is all about me. Maybe, I am full of naive optimism, but it is worthy of it. In a contrast, rationality is my second name. I can use my mind, heart, hands and never mix up these categories. Also, arguments are my “friends”. It may sound crazy, but I do exist) One thing I can control his feelings. But what for … if I was born to be loved, not to be understood."

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Things Ladies Want You to Know

Relations include lots of issues. And as women differ from men drastically, there are things that guys might simply not know, but that will help you to win the lady’s heart. They include the ways of communication and various trifles that simply improve the girl’s attitude towards you. The main and most important thing that…
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1st of March – World Compliment Day

Women love with ears. You surely can impress a lady with your looks or with your wealth, but still, if she starts talking to you, and doesn’t feel anything – you will not manage to build a sincere and strong relationship. A woman simply must know that you like her and that you see details…
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