Red-haired Slavic beauty Aline is tired to be alone

Alina from Kiev: "I am a very active person! I am also a creative lady! I never sit on the spot and love constant movement and communication. My hobbies are dancing, sports, horse riding. I like to read very much and sometimes I write poems myself! Do you want to see a beautiful hot lady with thousands of qualities? I bet yes. Then come to meet me in Kiev. I am easily satisfied. Not a demanding person! As I know we need to little for real happiness. Just health, close people, a job that we love, lovely nature around. What is in your happiness list?"

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9th of May – Victory Day

May 9 - Victory Day is one of the most important, touching and glorious holidays in Slavic countries. The Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War was and remains one of the most revered holidays both in Russia and in the CIS countries. According to the glorious tradition of recent years, St. George ribbons are…
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Do you like Oksana’s red lipstick?

Oksana: "I need a man who will change my life. With whom I will be warm and calm. Money, fame, yachts, expensive cars. I'm not interested in all this. I want you to know, I can take care of myself. I need a passionate and hot man. Who knows how to make a woman happy. Who is looking for a meeting with a single woman? Not just in words, but in real life. I'm looking for a kind and considerate person. Ambitious, romantic, who understands what is family values. He believes in mutual love and family happiness. I hope the best online dating site will help me to meet such a person."

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4th of May – Star Wars Day

On the 4th of May, fans of the world famous Star Wars movie celebrate an informal, but no less interesting, holiday - Star Wars Day or Luke Skywalker Day. The date was chosen for the fun game of words: there is a famous phrase from this movie: may the force be with you, so May…
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