The best look ever

Svetlana from Zaporizhzhia: "I am a lady who dreams of flying on a plane and grow pink tulips. I like sweets, I am fond of Pilates, Zumba dancing and TRX and most of my time I devote to my son who is my family. When I have spare time I like devoting it to my son (going for walks, to the skating rink, beach, cinema) and my dog. I also like reading and meeting with my friends."

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How to Impress a Lady on the First Date

It is vitally important to create a good impression on the first date, and VeronikaLove has gathered a few ideas on how to do this. An unusual place where the date will take place Atmosphere - this is what initially sets the "mood" for a date. Therefore, choosing a place and leisure option, a man…
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9th of September – International Beauty Day

The 20th century has become revolutionary in the field of cosmetology. The SIDESCO International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology has taken the initiative to create the International Beauty Day, which is celebrated annually on September 9. SIDESCO's International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology, which is considered to be the main international beauty therapy association in…
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Her beauty is your passion…

Svetlana from Lviv: "I am calm, always smiling, tender, weak woman. I like to be a woman, to be feminine, loving and care about my man. I am very faithful and I am not searching for a better life, I am searching just for true love. Life will always be incredible if love lives in your heart."

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