Do you think she is a good driver?

Kristina from Russia: "I want to meet a Real man. I am very attentive and tender woman. I can love with all heart and ready to devote myself to One man… But of course, I am not looking for dramas and gamers. I think that man should stay MAN in everything. I see nothing wrong if my man will treat and spoil with sweet surprises… I am a woman and I think I deserve for respect and attention… so I think only a real man will win my heart and love… what will he get? Well… only HE will know what diamond he will get!"

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31st of October – Halloween

Halloween is the brightest holiday of the whole October! This celebration becomes more and more popular all over the world despite that fact that it originates from Celts. This was the pagan holiday to commemorate the end of the summer and the harvesting. This holiday is almost 2 thousand years old! It was traveling through…
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Autumn in the City

Autumn has come to all corners of the world. But this doesn’t mean that it has come to our hearts! It is absolutely opposite. Love is the feeling that will allow you to stay warm no matter what weather you are having outside your window. And there are so many things to do during this…
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October 2018 Lady of the Month: Alla

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Alla from Ukraine: "My interests are very versatile. I like ethnic and meditative music. I think that classical and meditative melodies - the best way to unwind, relax, feel the harmonious personality. Cookery is also included in the circle of my interests. It is the real art, secrets, and fineness of which can know and perfect right through life. Nature is in the center of my interests: forests, landscapes, animals and plants. It surrounds us throughout life."

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