Questions a man should ask himself at the beginning of a relationship

5 questions a man should ask himself before meeting his Soulmate on VeronikaLove!

1. The first question: "Am I sure I'm right for this woman?" Usually we think: “Is it suitable for me or not, I don’t even know, in my opinion, it’s not what I was looking for, back and forth.” But at the stage of the relationship, which is called the “phase of doubts”, some questions always arise: for both men and women. That is, the main question is: “Is this the right person?” So for a man, a very healthy state of affairs is to ask the question, not “Is she the right person?”, But “Am I the right person for her?” It is very important.

2. Next: "Am I able to make her happy?" - “Yes, I'm with her ... Yes, I like her so much, this is my happiness ...” Everything, ok, ok, ok ... You already understood that you will be happy with her.

3. Ask her another question: Am I capable of making her happy? "Do I care about her?" Look, there's nothing about her here - that's on my part. Do I care about her? “Yes, we met, yes, I feel good with her, super.

4. Fourth: "Do I want to make her happy?" - such a paradox, can you imagine? Men, remember the situations of some of your strong love, or strong attraction, or the beginning of a relationship with those women with whom you are now together. Do you remember asking yourself this question?

5. And finally, the fifth one: “Do I feel happy because she is happy?” - this is the moment. When a man falls in love, the first moment or the first stage, he is delighted with what he himself is experiencing. And this feeling, it actually obscures the feelings of the person who is nearby. “It’s like I don’t care if she is happy or unhappy - what difference does it make. I'm just happy when she's around. I feel good with you."

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