19th of October – Sweetest Day

On the third Saturday of October, the United States annually celebrates Sweetest Day.

This tradition originated in Cleveland in 1921, when Herbert Kingston, a philanthropist and confectionery worker, decided to help the disadvantaged orphans, the poor and all those who are experiencing difficult times.

Kingston gathered a small group of city residents, and with the help of friends, they organized the distribution of small gifts in order to somehow support the starving, those whom the government had forgotten a long time ago.

Initially, Sweets Day was celebrated primarily in the central and western regions of the United States - in the states of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. In recent years, the holiday's popularity has grown markedly, and now the geography of the celebration covers other parts of the United States, in particular, the north-eastern part of the country.

In Ohio, the birthplace of Sweets Day, most sweet products are sold that day. It is followed by California, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois in the top ten sales leaders.

This holiday serves as an excellent occasion (along with Valentine's Day) to express romantic feelings and friendships. On this day, it is customary to give chocolate or roses, as well as all that is an embodiment of delicious - it is supposed that love should be sweet, like milk chocolate!

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