Orthodox Easter Day – May the 2nd

The bright holiday of the resurrection of Christ - Easter - came from Byzantium along with the baptism of Russia at the end of the 9th century. Since then, this Christian holiday has been widely and solemnly celebrated throughout Slavic countries.

In the Christian tradition, Easter has a special place - the place of the Feast of Holidays. Preparation for this bright event presupposes the consistent observance of several religious precepts. By streamlining social reality, religious rituals regulate the life of a believer.

In addition, through performing certain rituals, a person correlates himself with a particular religious tradition and carries out the process of identification with one or another religion. But there is also another, "folk" tradition of attitudes towards Easter, within which many signs, superstitions and customs coexist, and sometimes intertwine, with elements of the church tradition, and at the same time create their own network of meanings.

First of all, it should be noted that Easter is one of the most popular holidays for Slavs.

On the eve of Easter in all churches there are all-night vigils and a procession of the cross around the church. Also, on the eve, the hostesses bake traditional festive pastries - cakes, which symbolize the body of Christ. And by the Sunday of Easter, colored eggs are already ready, with which believers “christen” - they give them to each other, while saying: “Christ is risen!” - "Indeed he is risen!", hugging and kissing.

Also in Slavic countries, Easter is a day of abundant refreshments. After Lent, all sorts of delicacies are put on the table, and among them ritual foods - Easter, Easter cakes and colored eggs - take the first place. The egg, which was traditionally painted in red colors and its shades, has become an obligatory attribute and symbol of Christian Easter since the 12th century. And Easter cake was always baked from pastry, high and round.

Earlier, according to tradition, these days it was customary to give gifts, especially to poor relatives, and to do charity work. Particular attention was paid to the poor strangers - after all, the people said that "from Easter to Ascension, Christ wanders the earth with the apostles, experiencing the mercy and kindness of everyone."

Many traditions of celebrating Easter are still observed today, because for most people Easter is a bright holiday symbolizing rebirth and renewal.

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