How to maintain a relationship at a distance?

Long-distance relationships can be a real test of strength: since men on the VeronikaLove website meet beautiful brides from other countries, partners sometimes lack not only physical, but also emotional intimacy. Together we find out how not to move away from each other and maintain love, as well as what signals indicate separation.

Why is long distance relationships hard to maintain?
Uncertainty. In modern realities, clear plans are not always possible. It’s good if the couple at least roughly understands when they will see each other in person again. It is much harder for people who do not know when they will be able to meet and reunite. Doubts may arise as to how necessary this relationship is then and whether it is worth continuing.

Distance aggravates the problems that existed “before”. “Distance” relationships greatly highlight the difficulties that the couple actually had before they separated. It may turn out that people have different views on life or that they viewed relationships differently. For example, one person is planning a family and children, and the second wants to travel and live for himself.

Difficulties in communication.
Some people find it difficult to talk directly, and even more so when it comes to distance. In correspondence, moments that do not raise questions in real life are not always clear. Or everyone may have different preferences for the form of communication. For example, one prefers to call each other, and the other prefers to text.

Expectations do not match reality.
People may hope that distance will not affect the relationship. Alas, this is often not the case. There may be changes in communication, a feeling of uncertainty, and a lack of physical intimacy. And all these points will have to be resolved and spoken out.

How to diversify long-distance relationships?
Come up with your own traditions. These are activities that would fit into your schedule and existing routine. For example, discuss every day in the evening what new things happened to you or share weekly what interesting things you learned.

Spend leisure time together. Find an activity that is not stressful for you to do together. You can watch movies and TV shows on the weekend, play online video games - this brings you together well.

How to resolve conflicts without breaking up?
Conflicts are an integral part of any relationship, and there is nothing wrong with them. The main thing is that the partners ultimately hear each other. In this case, distance can even play into your hands. Some couples living together deliberately go into adjacent rooms and send long messages so as not to interrupt each other. Therefore, correspondence has its advantages - you will have more time to think about the answer and not get upset by emotions.

You can video call to discuss problems. But you shouldn’t do this in the heat of impulsiveness, when emotions run high. To begin with, it is better to calm down, take a breath and exhale, and only then call. Otherwise, you will interrupt each other online, and this is even worse than in real life. The connection or sound may be interrupted, and as a result you will not have any constructive conversation.

I have doubts about this relationship. How to deal with these doubts?
Figure out why you are together. Answer the questions: why do you need this relationship? What value do they help you achieve? When you understand why you are going through the difficult path of a long-distance relationship, it will give you strength.

Remember, distance is not forever. It is much easier to deal with doubts for couples who know that one day they will see each other and be reunited. You can cling to the idea that a day will come when everything will be different.

Talk to your partner. Many problems in long-distance relationships arise from uncertainty - when will you see each other, what are your plans for the future, what will you do next? This must be discussed with your partner and not hushed up. This way you will overcome the difficulties that arise together.

What should I do if I'm jealous?
Don't suppress your feelings. Probably behind jealousy is the fear of losing a partner or appearing vulnerable. It’s better to admit it to yourself and your partner. This way you can calmly discuss the issues that concern you.

Don't sort things out based on emotions. Give yourself time to calm down. Don't blame your partner or yell at him. This will only create tension in the relationship. Instead, try sharing your fears. Explain that you feel unimportant or unvalued.

Think about what will help you calm down. Discuss with your partner what you can both do to make it easier. Maybe you just wish you could spend time together more often.

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