31st of August – Blog Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate you with the Blog Day! We also have a wonderful blog that shares with you ideas on how to communicate with ladies, build a relationship and be happy in it!

The idea to celebrate Blog Day on August 31 came in 2005 when active LiveJournal users saw the number 3108 in the word blog. Therefore, they set the date of the holiday on August 31.

The initiators of the Blog Day urge to devote it to acquaintance with friends from different countries and with different interests. To do this, it is proposed to write short reviews of five different blogs and August 31 to publish these entries with links to the author’s pages. It is believed that on this day it is best to write about blogs that diverge from the sphere of the author’s usual interests, his point of view and life position, so that both the user and visitors to his page discover something new.

Bloggers took the idea enthusiastically. When the first day of August 31 was declared a holiday, 30 thousand new pages appeared immediately in the Google index. And in 2007, in connection with this date, the contest of the best blogs Best of Blogs began. Publications in ten languages can take part in it: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, German, Dutch, Persian, Portuguese, French, and Russian.

To date, the blogosphere - both Russian and global - is the fastest-growing part of the Internet, which has recently been showing an almost three-fold increase over the year. There are 75 million blogs in the world; in Russia, according to Yandex, more than 2 million unique addresses. In the Russian-language part of LiveJournal, there are copyright pages, the audience of which is tens and hundreds of thousands of readers per day. In fact, blogs are a social network.

However, do not confuse Blog Day and International Blogger Day, which has been celebrated on June 14 since 2004. This holiday is considered a symbol of friendship between LiveJournal users from different countries. On June 14, every blogger can post on his page a message of solidarity with other authors of online diaries.

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