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Cheerful Veronika is looking for a real man…

Veronika from Kyiv: "I like cooking, I like spending time outdoors, I like playing with my kids and reading some fairy tales for them before falling asleep. I believe that everyone will get what he deserves. I am not ideal woman, I have a lot of drawbacks, as everyone I have made some mistakes, but I know for sure that in spite of this I was a good person for whom a lot of things are inadmissible - betrayal, lies, ingratitude, reproaches."

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Sings that Your Relations Are Healthy

1. You trust each other VeronikaLove is sure that healthy relations are based on mutual trust. This is not only about the absence of secrets from each other, but also about confidence in decision-making. If both partners put the interests of a couple or family in the first place, there can be no doubt -…
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19th of August – World Photography Day

Photography is a unique phenomenon because in photographs you can capture events, interesting moments, beautiful places, favorite faces, moments that will never happen again ... Thanks to them, you can return to the past, because looking at photos, we recall many wonderful moments of life. In addition, for some, photography is not just a hobby,…
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Pure beauty Zoryana is here

Zoryana from Rivne: "please look not only at my face and body ... look deeper inside. I am an artist ... I live in art. Music is my air. I adore legends from different countries ... I read a lot ... I write prose. For me the perfect date is not in a restaurant but on the roof of the house) or on the river bank) I believe in fate and reincarnation. Maybe we were familiar earlier in a past life? I just want to be a happy mom and wife) It will make me completely happy."

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