When man’s hobbies concur with woman’s interests

Its well known that similar interests and hobbies are tend to strengthen relations between man and woman. Fun movie nights, romantic city walks, dinning out and parties of common friends – all these activities will definitely get you closer with each other. Other thing if man is passionately absorbed with his own interest that can strictly involve only man. In this case female nature can rarely demonstrates indifference.

Of course there are a lot of women that might let her man have his own weaknesses. And every man in the world dreams about having a lady by his side, that will become his friend and that would share his interests.


Just imagine if your girl would become a real soccer fan. First of all, she would become your best friend. You would be proud to take her to the sports bar or to the stadium, share great moments of victory or grieve together because of your favorite team loss. All guys around would look at you and feel jealous because their girlfriends and wives are all against any kind of sport events you are attending. And everyone knows that girls are more passion and emotional fans and so much fun to be around!

And this is one things...Completely other story if you girl would enjoy spending time outdoors, kicking ball with you. Instead of fighting about how much time you are spending with your friends playing sports, you can simply enjoy time together. And you should agree, that hot girls look much better on the field than a sweaty guy friends'. And it does not have to be only soccer.

 Any lady would enjoy her man to teach her how to play some kind of sport.


 For example, teaching woman how to play golf can be not only fun. You have a chance to spend time with person you love, look at this sexy and fragile body trying to swing a club. And all you can do is help her to the best of your ability, do it quietly, and hope for the best.


 Playing football or baseball with girls is not only sexy and very exciting, but also competitive and unforgettable.


 Girl with weapon in her hands represents beauty, innocences and power at the same time. You can try to take your girl to a shooting-range or even hunting. Showing her how to play paint-ball would be a good start.


 You would be surprised by how many ladies nowadays actually enjoy playing video games. And what can be more fun than playing your favorite shooting or racing games with a girl by your side.

According to a new survey released by the video game industry's trade group, 40% of all gamers are women.


 You might also consider going fishing. Although it's not giving as much power as a gun shooting during hunting, but would definitely bring excitement and will let your woman enjoy sun in a bathing suite, water and romantic environment.


 Girls can't possibly love hockey, right? Only guys go crazy over sports. They are the 'fans' who don't know what an offside call is or shootout. Everything is in your hands, get her a pink girly jersey, premium seating and don't forget about season and play off tickets.


 Boxing is a rough sport, the harshest of games, so it would be better for your lady to stay out of boxing ring. Most women don't like pro boxing because they perceive it as violent and bloody (which it can become), so if you are a big fan of this kind of sport, the best idea would be to get her familiar with amateur boxing because it's all about technique and skill.


 Whats the deal with chicks who see a guy on a bike or a racing car and go all crazy?


 Motorcycles portray a bad boy image, which a lot of girls like. And the feeling of speed, danger and extreme in combination with delicacy and sexuality makes racing so much more exciting.


 And once again, you have another chance to show off, if she shows interest in truck and cars and how they work.

So you have a lot of advantages in getting your loving lady familiar with some of your favorite activities.

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