Use All Advantages of Your Profile to Find True Love

After registering on Veronikalove, it is time to start your successful search of Russian bride! And the best thing that will help you in this is the first impression. Don't think that if you are on the dating site and everything happens on the Internet, you don't need to bother about such things. It is even more crucial, as if you don't have a nice and detailed profile, the lady of your dream may pass by and not even pay any attention to you!

Here are a few pieces of advice that might be very useful for you in such a complex task as creating a successful profile on Veronikalove:

  1. Your profile should have information about you. As you might have noticed, there are various fields that can be filled in. They are created on purpose, as they actually help you already to define what can be added and what you should tell about yourself to a lady.
  2. Enlist what you live with. What are your hobbies? What is your job? What are you dreaming about and plan for your future? This is all surely important for ladies, as they want to know who you are and to understand if you fit her. Don't hide anything, the wider you tell about you, the better.
  3. When you are done with your own personality, start writing about your bride of your dream. Don't overdo with this, and don't try to describe someone ideal. There are not perfect people, and if you enlist too many qualities that will form some sort of a princess riding a pink unicorn. This will scary ladies away, as they are common and normal, but not elves from fairy tales. Be objective. If there is something that you completely repulse, for example, smoking or the presence of tattoos on the body. This is really something that not all people like.

Then it is time to choose the photo. You will have to show your face in your profile if you want to attract attention of women. According to statistics, profiles with photos gain much more views than those without them. This is because people estimate their potential partners visually too. Here are also a few peculiarities about them:

  1. Choose your most frequent photo. No matter how old you are, you need to be honest with your future partner even on this stage. Slavic ladies don't care about the men's age, but they wish to see you the way you are in life, so don't use photo filters. You also want to see the ladies the way they look in life, so allow them to do the same.
  2. Before making a photo, make sure that the background is nice. Clean up the mess if there is any and find the good light so that the photo is not dark and you can be clearly seen.
  3. Don't forget to update your photos from time to time. You may add something new from your travels, for example. And always smile!

Try to be positive. Don't show aggressiveness or tension in your profile. This may also scary ladies away. Be friendly and cheerful, and the ladies on Veronikalove will be glad to make the first step to you!


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