The 1st of March – World Compliment Day

The 1st of March is a very special day. It is your possibility to become more confident in yourself, and to bring up the mood of the person you appreciate! And this is because on the 1st of March the World Compliment Day is celebrated.

Compliments are the integral part of communication. Unfortunately, there are many people who accept compliments like something bad. We may not be used to the fact that another person can say something pleasant to us for nothing, just to express positive attitude. Modern world is full of criticism and harshness. So, why not to change this?

On this day, everyone should tell compliments. Of course, they should come from your heart. Don’t lie to others if you actually don’t have anything to say. But don’t be shy to express what is on your mind! This is truly the wonderful opportunity not only to improve relations with others but to make yourself feel more confident. And how wonderful you will feel when you see the shining eyes of those who have heard your compliment!

Women tend to love with ears. So for them compliments are the most important part of relations. There are always many aspects you may compliments. Starting from the hairdo and finishing with the clothes. On this day, you may give her as many kind words as you can, as you surely love her, and she deserves to know this! Try to invite her to online chat and ask to turn her camera on. And then you will surely see what you should say this day!

Also compliments can be made not only with words. You may send your significant other a small present! As a bouquet of flowers is also a wonderful compliment to a lady for her simply being in your life!

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