How to spend Valentine’s day if you are at a distance

Three win-win and very romantic options

Distance is not an obstacle to true love, is it? However, it is precisely this that can significantly overshadow Valentine's Day if you celebrate it hundreds of kilometers from your loved one.

So that nothing spoils your mood on February 14, VeronikaLove offers you several options on how to spend this day if for some reason you are forced to celebrate it from a distance. And don’t forget to congratulate your chosen lady on this day, here you will find the most romantic gift for your one and only!

Video call
Invite your loved one to spend a few hours communicating via video call with a glass of sparkling wine. Light snacks, twilight and lighted perfumed candles will not hurt to create a special atmosphere. And of course, you can always stay in touch with your lady in the chat.

Romantic dinner in a restaurant
Book a table in the restaurant in advance for the evening of February 14th. Or rather, two tables. One for you - it’s better if it’s a table in your common favorite restaurant, the second - for him. At the appointed time, come to a virtual date with headphones in your ears, order different dishes, share your impressions, tell each other funny stories from your life. In a word, give each other a great mood, no matter what. Believe me, it will be an unforgettable experience that will bring you two even closer.

Watching a movie
This is the simplest, but not the most boring option. You can turn on your favorite movie at home or go to the cinema for the same premiere. It doesn't have to be some kind of rom-com: choose what you two want! You can discuss what is happening both in the moment and after viewing. The main thing is to stock up on popcorn!

Create a shared spotify playlist                                                                                                      With being so far apart you will at some points find yourself missing your partner especially on days like Valentine’s Day. So why not make them something special that will remind them of you when you are not there – a Spotify playlist is perfect for this! You can fill it full of songs that remind you of them and vice versa and share it with them.

They now have something to comfort them when they are missing you and can feel close to you. Plus it can bring up nice memories that they want to remember forever as you can add your own photographs and names to playlists – so romantic!

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