9th of May – Victory Day

May 9 - Victory Day is one of the most important, touching and glorious holidays in Slavic countries.

The Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War was and remains one of the most revered holidays both in Russia and in the CIS countries. According to the glorious tradition of recent years, St. George ribbons are distributed everywhere by volunteers, which not only veterans but also young people are tired and worn as a symbol of the connection between generations and the memory of the Great Victory.

Also on this day, flower and wreath-laying ceremonies are held everywhere at the monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, various events are held to honor war veterans and rear front workers, festive concerts, courage lessons in schools, reconstruction of battles and much more are organized.

The tradition of recent years was the holding on May 9 of the civil-patriotic action "Immortal Regiment", which today has become an international public movement to preserve the personal memory of the generation of the Great Patriotic War. Participants of the movement annually on Victory Day are conveyed through the streets of cities with photos of their relatives - veterans of the army and navy, partisans, underground fighters, resistance fighters, home front workers, concentration camp prisoners, blockaders, children of war - and also write family stories about them in the People’s Chronicle on the site of the movement "Immortal regiment". To date, the action covers more than 80 states and territories.

People have a day off on the 9th of May and spend this day with their families. So, you can spend time with your Slavic lady in chat! She will have lots of free time to be with you, and you will remember this warm day as a peaceful and full of love.

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