8th of August — World Cat Day

Cats are known by everyone as wonderful domestic animals who can not only care for your house but also care for your heart and feelings. They are appreciated by people because they have their own characters and visions on the state of matters and other people and animals what somehow makes them closer to us.…
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Avoid These Topics in Communication with Your Slavic Lady

Slavic women differ from the ones from all over the world. They have different personality, and thus they need another approach if you wish to win their heart. Success in relations starts from trifles, such as an incorrectly used word or phrase that was said in inappropriate time. There are some topics that you should…
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Beautiful Oleksandra shares her joy!

Oleksanrda: "Life goes so fast and sometimes I want to do something to stop time…So, as you can see I am very serious and purposeful person!!! I don’t want to sit still and I like to have active lifestyle…But despite this I am a girl…and sometimes I want to have near me a strong man..."

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4th of August — International Beer Day

Slavic ladies are very versatile personalities. If you have communicated with at least one of them on VeronikaLove you might have noticed that they can easily support any topic you open and are sincerely interested in everything that may be liked by you. So don't be surprised if they support you in celebration of the…
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