6th of June – Day of the Journalist

All professions are important and are needed. On the 6th of June Ukraine celebrates the Day of the Journalist as this is the profession of those who wish to deliver information to everyone and to cover the events happening not only in Ukraine but also all over the world, as the one who knows the new controls the world!

This holiday was founded in 1994, and nowadays the rights of the journalists is protected by the members of the National Union of Journalists. The holiday is for those who work not only as journalists but also as reporters and correspondents. This is a really important holiday, as it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without the news and the professional point of view of professionals who know what is happening and can deliver the news in time.

The free press is the sign of democratic and open society, the kind of Ukraine strives for. And as in Ukraine the situation is quite tensed, the protection of journalists is as topical as it has never been. This profession is even considered to be dangerous for the presence of these people in the military zones.

There are many ladies who choose journalism as their profession. They appear on screens of TV and they write articles in the newspapers and online news blogs. Is your lady from VeronikaLove working as a journalist? If yes, she will be really happy to hear your congratulations on this day and too see a gift from you!

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