9th of October – World Post Day

People have been exchanging news and information from ancient times. This was done by so many incredible ways! Letters were brought by special people traveling among the cities, by ships sailing between the continents, and even by a pigeon! Of course, nowadays everything became much easier. We only need to write a letter, and for a very decent price, the Post will do everything for you. And you may be sure that the letter will not get lost or destroyed, and your receiver will surely get it.

The Day of Post has a long history. It is celebrated since 1874 when the Universal Postal Union was created. The post net is as wide as the Internet one and serves almost the same purpose: to deliver information to those who need this.

People all over the world accept the post not only as an institution of communication but also the source of collectibles. And this is a very serious hobby that may be very expensive! People collect stamps, the “currency” of the post that shows how much does the letter cost, and where it can get due to it. The hobby of collecting stamps is called philately.

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