8th of March – International Women’s Day

The 8th of March is one of the holidays that all women are willingly waiting for. Because this is their holiday! The day that they deserved, that shows how everyone appreciates them. Initially, the holiday’s purpose was to help women reach the level of rights that men had. Its first celebration was held on the 1910 year, in the USA, and since then it is celebrated every year all over the world.

Women are very happy to have this wonderful holiday. Usually, everyone has a dayoff! This is really great, especially when the 8th of March is in the middle of the week, like this year! So women can take their beloved men and have a nice walk and visit all those great places their men wanted to show them, like, theaters, exhibitions or restaurants, because a good holiday must be finished with a good dinner!

But ladies on VeronikaLove can rely only on you! They are single, and there is no one close to congratulate them with this bright and colorful day. They feel very lonely seeing all those women on the streets with bunches of flowers and beautiful packages containing different gifts. And you do know that women are like flowers, and flowers attract huge bouquets!

Visit our page or Real Gifts dedicated to the International Women’s Day, and choose the most beautiful gift that your lady will really love! There are so many variants, from classic bouquets to gift cards, that you will surely find the very best option that will turn your gorgeous Slavic lady’s day into the best one this year!

And remember. Your woman should be treated like a queen not only on the 8th of March, but every day and every minute, because your loving woman is your personal goddess who is worth worshiping!

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