3rd of May – Sun Day

Spring has brought us so many holidays, and the majority of them is connected with nature. That is because it wakens up and makes us all feel much better, and in return we need to take care of it too! But on the 3rd of May there is the International Sun Day celebrated. It is hard to name Sun the part of nature we can take care of, but this is surely the vital element of everything that lives around us.

This day was chosen as the Day of Sun in 1994, and is celebrated all over the world. Its main goal is to make people pay attention more to our life and even to our planet, as due to the development of industries and the speed of our life, we worsen the state of ecology every day. The amount of resources reduce while above our heads we have a great source of energy – Sun.

The way of its celebration is quite scientific. Those people who are connected to science and technology hold presentations during which they show new developments and ways of usage of the sun energy in our life.

As this holiday is celebrated in May, people already tend to spend their weekends in nature. The sun shines and warms everyone, and Slavic ladies gather with their families and friends and leave noisy cities to have fun and rest in peace and calmness. It will be really great to join your Russian single bride and spend the day under the warm sun! And of course not a single picnic will do without tasty food! If you wish to please your lady, you may treat her with a gift certificate on the delivery of some dishes to her taste or even to present her certificate on the cooking classes! In any case, spring is surely the time we should please each other and praise the life!

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