27th of March – World Theater Day

On the 27th of March, the world celebrates the Day of Theater! It is a very important day for all our culture. The theater has been known since ancient times, in Greece, there were the biggest theaters, and the plays that were set there are known till nowadays and are considered to be the most marvelous.

The importance of the theater is unquestionable. It influences our life, this kind of art is considered by many as something better than cinema, as here the play happens right in front of our eyes, and there is no possibility to remake the scene and no right for the mistake. The plays are written by genius people who try to represent modern times and problems, or just to entertain the viewers. A theater has all the genres in it!

It is very easy to celebrate this holiday. When have you been at the theater for the last time? Surely a long time ago. It is time to visit it again! Call the nearest theater and check out which plays are shown there, and come to see one of them! Coming to the theater is a type of ritual. You need to dress up well and have a proper mood.

The best way to come to the theater is to do this with someone! For example, you can find the most beautiful Slavic bride on VeronikaLove site and one day visits a play with her! You will have the possibility not only to enjoy a play but also to discuss it with your significant other and just have a great time together!

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