22nd of April – Day of Earth

Our planet is the only thing we have to live on, and unfortunately many people in their rush for comfort forget about this. We pollute our world, and slowly destroy it. We might not notice the consequences of what we are doing right now, but in the future, in 1-2 hundred years our future generations will experience all damage we are causing right now.

On the 22nd of April the world celebrated the Day of Earth. And this celebration is not typical and similar to other holidays. No one is having fun, but everyone works to reduce their trace they leave polluting our planet. People gather all over the world to clean their places and nature. They take big packages and collect the garbage from the streets and nature left by those who don’t understand how important it is to keep our home – our planet – clean. Also there are lots of lectures held to tell people about the problems the world currently has and the ways of their solving.

Of course, it is vitally important to check yourself every day. There are many ways to reduce pollution, and lots of approaches for doing so. You can at least sort the trash according to its type, and not to throw out dangerous items such as batteries with other rubbish but utilize it in special services and places. Also you should never leave trash after you when you have rest on nature. Each piece of your rubbish can kill life of some animal and affect the whole ecosystem.

Another tradition is planting trees everywhere. In all countries people come to parks and forests to plant new young trees for increasing the size of “lungs” of the planet. Also there are many marshes conducted to attracting attention to the saving the national parks.

In Slavic countries there is a wonderful tradition that is really loved by the newlyweds connected with the trees. If you wish your marriage last long and be firm and happy, you need to plant a tree together. And after this, take care of this tree. Usually, it was planted near the home where the couple lives, but you may do this in any place you like, and not only help your relations grow and bloom but also save your planet and make it cleaner and better. Maybe one day, when you meet your Slavic beauty on VeronikaLove, you will also plant your tree and make everyone’s life better and cleaner!

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