21st of September – International Day of Peace

Every year on September 21, the international community celebrates the International Day of Peace. This day the UN General Assembly declared the day to strengthen the ideals of peace among all countries and peoples - both nationally and internationally.

In 1981, by its resolution 36/67, the General Assembly proclaimed Peace Day and set its celebration on the third Tuesday of September, and 20 years later, in 2001, the General Assembly unanimously adopted resolution 55/282, which decided that 2002 has been International Day Peace will be celebrated annually on September 21 as a day of universal ceasefire and non-violence.

For most people on planet Earth, the world is an everyday reality. Our streets are calm, our children go to school. Where the foundations of society are strong, the invaluable gift of peace may not be noticed by anyone.

However, for too many people in the modern world, this gift is nothing more than a dream come true. They live in fetters, in an atmosphere of instability and fear. For them, it is basically this day that the United Nations established in 1981.

Since then, this festival has attracted millions of people, covering many countries and regions, where various actions and events are held by public and youth organizations. After all, the Day is designed to make people not only think about the world but also do something for it.

The UN invites all countries and peoples to stop all military operations on this Day and celebrate this Day with educational and public information campaigns on peace issues. It also uses the celebration of International Peace Day to draw attention to its diverse work in support of peace and to encourage individuals, groups, and communities around the world to understand the problems of the world, exchange information and practical experience in achieving it.

And every year, Peace Day is dedicated to a certain topic. So, in different years it was held under the motto: “Human Rights and Peacekeeping”, “Disarmament and Non-Proliferation”, “Youth for Peace and Development”, “Peace and Democracy: Express Your Opinion”, “Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future”, “Education for peace”, “The right of peoples to peace”, “Sustainable development goals: components of peace”, “Together for peace: respect, security and dignity for all”, “Right to peace: 70 years of the Universal Declaration human rights ”,“ Fighting climate change for peace ”, etc.

The events of recent years - war, terrorism, military spending, the deep contradictions that divide peoples and individuals around the world, the climate crisis, have led to the unprecedented relevance of International Peace Day today.

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