21st of February – International Tourist Guide Day

Tourism is a hobby for many people and the occupation that helps us see different corners of the world. Tourism is especially dear to those who have long-distance relations, and when you have to travel abroad, the best way to do this is to refer to a travel agency and to get everything prepared for your thrilling meeting with your beloved lady from VeronikaLove!

On the 21st of February, the International Tourist Guide Day is celebrated. It was first held in 1990, and it is a professional holiday for everyone who works in the sphere of tourism. The main goal of this holiday is to let people know that guides and other people who help us travel around the world and cities are not just workers but the ambassadors of the culture of the world and the connectors of people! Because if you come to an unfamiliar place, it is the guide who can help you, tell everything you need and lead through the exciting adventures of the new culture.

In Slavic countries, the sphere of tourism is quite widespread. They have a long and interesting history, so ladies from different cities are glad to work as guides. They also know English well, as they show round the places to foreigners. And would you like to have such a charming guide as a Slavic lady? Your tour will be much more interesting in this case!

If the lady you date on VeronikaLove site words as a guide, congratulate her with her professional holiday! She will surely be pleased, and maybe will agree to make a free excursion when you come to visit her in person!

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