1st of September — World Letter Writing Day

Communication is vitally important for conducting any types of affairs. For many centuries people were writing letters to each other in case if they needed to trade or when they had the necessity to talk to someone who is at the very big distance. VeronikaLove site is closely connected with this holiday as it also has such as option as writing letters! Of course, they are digital, but this doesn't belittle their importance.

The World Letter Writing Day that is celebrated on the 1st of September was created by an Australian photographer Richard Simpkin in 2014. This person wanted to draw people's attention to letters. We tend to distance from each other, our communication becomes less personal, as the abundance of chat services creates the visibility of constant presence of people in our life.

This holiday is relatively young, but it is very significant as it praises communication and writing the real letters that can be sent by post and received by people in any corner of the world. With the spreading of technologies we start to forget that this way of connecting with each other, the feel of thrill we have when the post person comes, is really important and should never be lost.

The best way to celebrate this day is to write somebody a letter. It may be unusual for you, but this is so thrilling that once you try it, you will want to continue your communication in such a way. The best part of it is the choosing of events in your life you want to discuss and the ways you will describe them. And, of course, after this the worrying while you wait for an answer. Modern post works much quicker than before, but still it needs some time. And the envelope you'll receive will be covered with lots of beautiful stamps that will show that it traveled around the world!

Distance is the border that divides you from you love. And letters are the bullets that can destroy it. Sending letters on VeronikaLove to your stunning single Ukrainian lady is so much quicker and more convenient than writing a real one. You will not have to wait for days and will not worry that your letter was lots, as on VeronikaLove each your word is delivered immediately. The World Letter Day is truly your holiday, as if you are in love with beautiful Slavic lady, you surely write lots of letters. Write one more, a very special one, this day to congratulate your lady and to celebrate together this service that allows you two to be together every day and every minute!

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