17th of July – World Emoji Day

World Smile Day or another name Emoji is celebrated annually on July 17th. It is on this day that many people begin to actively shower their relatives and friends with various smiles. Congratulate them and delight interesting muzzles.

World Emoji Day officially appeared in 2014, the date of July 17 was chosen absolutely not by chance since this date was displayed on the famous Apple mobile calendar icon in red and black in 2002. Therefore, we decided to create this holiday and tell about our thoughts thanks to ordinary smiles. “Emoji” first appeared in Japan, people, instead of words, expressed their emotions with the help of “muzzles”, this helped save the time of writing words and quickly respond to a person’s messages.

These gestures were developed in 1990 by employees of the well-known communications company Shigetaka Kurita. After some time, the yellow cones began to spread actively on the Internet, as if they filled up its space, almost every social network had sets of different gestures, it helped not to write a greeting in words, but to put out a smiley that responded to this greeting.

At first, emoticons were ordinary, but quite a bit of time passed, they became mobile, could cry, laugh, wave a hand.

"Emoji" – has a huge amount, thanks to these smiles, the well-known beverage manufacturing company in 2015 released several batches of bottles with the image of yellow faces. There were various promotions that allowed collecting emoticons under the caps and winning various prizes.

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