11th of July – World Chocolate Day

Every year on July 11, sweet-toothed celebrate World Chocolate Day. This delicious holiday was invented and first held by the French in 1995.

It is believed that the first to learn how to make chocolate are the Aztecs. They called it "the food of the gods." The Spanish conquistadors, who first brought him to Europe, dubbed the delicacy "black gold" and used to strengthen physical strength and endurance.

Somewhat later, consumption of chocolate in Europe was limited to aristocratic circles. Prominent women considered chocolate an aphrodisiac. So, Mother Teresa had a passion for chocolate, and Mrs. Pompadour was sure that only chocolate could kindle a fire of passion. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, with the advent of industrial production, were people able to enjoy chocolate.

As established by modern science, in chocolate there are elements that promote rest and psychological recovery. Dark chocolate varieties stimulate the release of endorphins - happiness hormones that affect the pleasure center, improve mood and maintain body tone.

There is also a hypothesis that chocolate has an "anti-cancer" effect and can slow down the aging process. But what scientists are unanimous about is the denial of the ability of chocolate to lose weight! After all, it is well known that chocolate is rich in nutrients, including fats, and hence calories. However, they do not argue that this delicacy can improve the mood of the majority of the world's population.

In the very same Chocolate Day in different countries, festivals and other events are held dedicated to this sweet holiday. It is especially interesting to be on factories, factories or confectioneries making chocolate and its derivatives on this day. It is here that everyone is told how and what chocolate is made from, conduct various competitions and tastings, exhibitions of chocolate products and even master classes where you can try yourself in the role of the chocolatier.

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