World Chocolate Day

Chocolate has been known for the world since ancient times. Even Mayas knew the secret recipe of making this dish. It is believed, that it came to Europe in the 1550 year, imagine, almost half a thousand years ago! But nowadays you don’t need to conduct a ritual for getting a sweet bar (as previously it was very bitter) – you can simply visit the nearest store and get a piece of a delicious treat!

It is obvious that chocolate should also have its holiday. It doesn’t have some particular purpose – just to make everyone a little bit happier, as sweets can raise your mood no matter what! So, the 7th of July is the day of all sweet teeth. Yet, be careful with chocolate and never forget that it may cause damage to your health if you eat too much of it. It is believed that if you eat 10 kilos at once, you may die. But if you keep yourself in hands – everything will be fine! And this day you may eat and drink all the products that are connected with chocolate. And take photos of the most beautiful chocolate figure you have found in a store, maybe? You can always send it to your breathtaking Slavic lady on VeronikaLove! She will be happy to see how you spend your free time.

Not a single holiday will feel nice if you don’t celebrate it with someone who is dear to your heart. VeronikaLove is ready to help you become closer to the woman of your dreams on this sweet day! There are many variants of chocolate gifts that you can send her! Believe, the lady will be very pleased and happy to receive a box of chocolates or a set of them.

And when you meet, and your love bounds you in real life, try to make some chocolate at home, together, as there is nothing sweeter than something prepared with true and tender feelings!

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