5th of October – World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5th. Traditionally, lessons are given by high school students instead of teachers on this day. And even those who graduated from school a long time ago express words of respect to their beloved teachers.

How do people celebrate this day in different countries?

Japan. Interestingly, Teachers' Day is not celebrated in Japan! But they have a cult of teachers. Why is this? In Japan, the teacher is the most respected profession; he is the most respected person in society. Japanese entrepreneurs are thrilled when teachers come to their stores, they consider it a great honor for themselves. There are separate seats for teachers in the metro, separate shops are open for them, they do not stand in queues for a ticket for any type of transport. Why do Japanese teachers need a separate holiday if every day of their lives is like a holiday?

Argentina. Here, Teacher's Day has become one of the main national holidays; it is celebrated on 11 September. A general day off is announced, and the Argentines are happy to congratulate the teachers.

USA. The States celebrate the whole "Thank Teachers Week" in early May. Children traditionally sign a postcard to their favorite teacher with their own hands. In the age of e-mail, it is really nice to receive such a gift!

China. Teacher's Day falls on September 28 - this is the birthday of the philosopher Confucius. Former students who have already become parents themselves come to the school to congratulate the teachers. On this day, many warm words are heard, and children give flowers to teachers and prepare a festive program.

India. Teachers' Day is celebrated here on September 5th. High school students switch places with teachers and teach their own lessons. Of course, on this day, many warm words of gratitude are said to all teachers.

Canada. Here the teachers' holiday is sincerely celebrated, which also falls on October 5th. Recently, they even released a valuable stamp dedicated to this day.

Armenia. On Teacher's Day, which is celebrated on the first Saturday in October, many warm words of gratitude are said to teachers. The teaching profession is one of the most important and respected here.

Lebanon. Celebrations on the occasion of the holiday last a whole week - from March 3 to March 9.

Thailand. Teachers are sung congratulatory songs and presented with gifts in the form of a whole tray of flowers, fruits and candles. This action takes place on January 16.

Brazil. Here, the holiday is celebrated on October 15th. Previously, there were only 10 vacation days during the long academic semester from June 1 to December 15. And several teachers wanted to organize another day off to interrupt the hard work and avoid overwork. Teachers and students bring homemade cakes for a small school party that has been successfully organized.

Teachers' Day was founded 25 years ago - in 1994 thanks to UNESCO and the International Labor Organization. The prerequisite was a document on the social status of teachers, which was signed in Paris.

There are a lot of teachers on Veronikalove! Don't forget to congratulate your favorite one!

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