31st of October – Halloween

Halloween (All Hallows Evening or Beggars Night) - the night before All Saints' Day. They say Halloween is at least two thousand years old. This controversial holiday has its origins in Celtic culture. The Celts had clearly marked the "beginning of the seasons." There were four of them. Samhain marked the arrival of winter and was celebrated on October 31st.

In the 7th century, Pope Boniface IV approved November 1 as All Saints Day, wanting to distract the English people from pagan customs. Later, November 2 became the Day of All Souls - when all the dead were remembered. However, the traditions were preserved in the people's memory, and it was not possible to defeat them to the end.

In recent years, the holiday has thoroughly returned to Europe, it is also popular in America and some Asian countries. Children dress up in the costumes of monsters and go to neighboring houses, bargaining for sweets. Themed parties, fireworks, masquerades are also held, and a hollow pumpkin with carved eyes and mouth and a candle inside is displayed in the window to scare away spirits.

By the way, pumpkin is an American invention. And before that, in Ireland and Scotland, scary masks, into which candles were then inserted, were carved from turnips and potatoes, and in England - from beets.

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