25th of September – National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day originates from the USA. There is no information known on who and when has invented it, but nowadays it is quite popular in the auditorium of all ages. It is believed that the first real comic book was printed in 1993 that gave the launch too many other creations.

Comic is the story that is told both in words and images. It can be considered to be the linking chain between the book and the movie. Despite the fact that some people don’t accept the comics as a noteworthy thing, they are actually quite great, and many popular movies were first created in the form of comics.

A comic has a distinguishing part: images of events are accompanied by the “bubbles” with the text that might either describe additionally what is going on or to contain the words of the characters.

People all over the world read comics. In Asian countries, they even have the special word – mangas, even though they are still comics, and also they have a bunch of genres, each having its own title. But you will not find a person who has never read a comic in entire life.

There is even a special word existing that denotes a person who collects comic books – pannapictagraphist. There are people who have really huge collections! And actually, the first books of DC or Marvel series might be worth a real fortune! So this is also a profitable hobby.

To celebrate this holiday, you may try to open the world of comics for yourself. You are quite wrong if associate comics only with Batman and something like this, as there are really many people who draw their stories and post them online. So maybe there will be something that will attract your attention! Try to find something interesting and share this with your lady on VeronikaLove – and discuss the new worlds opening for you in Online Chat!

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