23rd of April – English Language Day

For the first time, English Language Day, like the days of other official languages of the UN, was celebrated in 2010. Establish specific dates on which to pay tribute to the languages of the organization, suggested the department of public relations.

The purpose of the new holidays is to strengthen the traditions of multilingualism in the world. The United Nations has designated six days on the calendar, one for each of the official languages.

The date of celebration of the English language - April 23 - was the birthday of William Shakespeare - the great English poet, writer, the most famous playwright in the world. Shakespeare wrote five poems, 10 chronicles, 11 tragedies, 17 comedies and 154 sonnets. Due to the widespread use of the English language, many fans of Shakespeare's work read his books in the original.

Today, English is considered the "world language" - it is spoken by more than a billion people in several dozen countries. This is the language not only of the English but also of the inhabitants of the USA, Ireland, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand. It is used as an official one in some states of Asia and Africa.

People who speak this language are called Anglophones. It is worth noting that the so-called Standard English - a pure London dialect - has undergone many changes over time in different regions, and it is often difficult for an Englishman to understand an English-speaking American or Australian.

English, along with French, is the working language of the UN Secretariat, and is also one of the six official languages of the organization.

It is assumed that on the Day of English in the UN Secretariat various events should be held - round tables, conferences, competitions, popular science exhibitions and language lessons, which will allow everyone to get acquainted with the English language and culture.

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