20th of March – International Day of Happiness

In 2012, the United Nations proclaimed March 20 as the International Day of Happiness with the aim of recognizing the importance of happiness in the life of every person and supporting the idea that the pursuit of happiness is a common feeling for all people on our planet.

Also, according to the founders of the Day, today's holiday is designed to show that happiness is one of the main goals of mankind. In this regard, the founders urge all countries to direct efforts to improve the well-being of each person.

Having established the International Day of Happiness, the UN is also striving to draw the attention of the world community to the fact that economic development must be balanced, equal and inclusive. The implementation of such a development model will result in sustained economic growth in countries with a consequent reduction in poverty. In addition, the UN claims that in order to achieve a global state of happiness on the planet, it is necessary to support economic growth with social and environmental programs.

Interestingly, the initiative to establish the International Day of Happiness came from a small mountainous country - Bhutan. It is believed that the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Bhutan are the happiest people in the world - champions in terms of the Gross National Happiness Index, which measures the national welfare of citizens. By the way, the very concept of the Gross National Happiness coefficient was introduced and cultivated by the fourth king of Bhutan and became one of the concepts of the unofficial state philosophy of the country.

Also, to reflect the well-being of people and the state of the environment in different countries of the world, the Happy Planet Index was introduced in July 2006.

The phenomenon of happiness is studied by such sciences as philosophy, ethics, psychology, as well as theology. Physiologists study happiness in close connection with the so-called "hormones of happiness" - endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. For millennia, the theme of happiness has provided the broadest scope for creativity to poets, artists, musicians, and artists. And, of course, every person who walks through life with all its joys and cares, necessarily comprehends his unique little Big Happiness along the way.

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