18th of October – World Candies’ Day

Sweets are something for both adults and children. They are pleasant to drink with tea, and to eat them just like that. It is also always nice to give a candy to a friend or a small child. Among adults, there are a huge number of those with a sweet tooth. There are more and more candy lovers every year. That is why a holiday was invented - the day of sweets, which is celebrated on October 18. On this day, you can arrange gatherings with your family over a cup of fragrant fresh tea, to which you put a vase of sweets, you can send a sweet present as a congratulation. It is believed that sweets appeared in the era of Ancient Egypt, and this happened by coincidence, when the contents of overturned vessels mixed: nuts, honey and figs.

Arabian or oriental sweets were famous all over the world. It was the Arabs who were the first to use sugar in the preparation of sweets.
In Russia, lollipops were made using maple syrup, honey and other products. At that time, all sweets were made by hand, they were the product of imagination, creative thought and experiment. So new ideas and new types of sweets were born, including candies.

Confectioners, companies, trademark owners try to take part in the annual World Candy Day events.

There are festivals, carnivals, exhibitions, master classes on making handmade sweets for the holiday. Sweets at these events become the best gift for children, because they remain the most loyal fans of this delicacy.

It is important that you congratulate all those with a sweet tooth on this holiday. Have you ever asked your beloved one if she likes sweets? There is nothing better than a beautiful and sincere congratulation, which will be sweeter than any candy. Anyone will appreciate this kind of attention. On candy day, everything should be sweet. Therefore, if you like sweets, try to organize a holiday not only for yourself but also for others.

Congratulate your lady with a basket of sweets! She will be happy to get it from you!

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