11th of December – International Day of Tango

December 11, the birthday of the Argentine singer and film actor, the famous “King of Tango” Carlos Gardel celebrates International Day of Tango - a dance festival, the philosophy of which is in the confrontation.

Life in tango is in full swing, and in the center of the dance are Man and Woman. Their relationships, passions, conflicts, reconciliation, the "third superfluous", jealousy, hatred - all the feelings that fill human life.

In this dance it is not customary to talk, smile, an invitation made out loud can be regarded as an insult. Allowed only a look and a slight movement of the lips.

Tango is an improvisation dance, in it the ability of partners to feel each other is very important. This skill is born on a subconscious level as if by itself, creating a feeling of a different reality. And the most expressive moment of this dance is a pause: the music sounds and the two froze in each other's arms as if conducting a mute dialogue at elevated tones - this is the point of higher tension.

In 2009, by the decision of UNESCO, tango, as a combination of music, dance, poetry and the distinctive traditions of the Rio de la Plata region, was included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

There are several versions of the origin of tango. The most common of them is that originally a dance of this kind appeared in the port suburbs of Buenos Aires, where at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries the cultural traditions of many countries of the world met and merged into one whole - the rhythms of the Cuban Habanera, the African candombe, the Argentine milonga, the Spanish flamenco, and some other European dances brought in by foreign sailors. And although in Argentina it was a dance of the poor neighborhoods, a dance of immigrants, soon the lyrical and passionate tango sounded throughout the country.

But no matter what tango you choose to celebrate this wonderful and passionate holiday, it should be full of emotions, as it should be for this incendiary, temperamental, conflicting and life-affirming dance. This is the dance of love and passion, so invite your lady from VeronikaLove to take part in your whirl of passion! And don't forget that you need a rose for this dance, so you should prepare in advance and present her a bouquet of roses from the Gifts so that your dance of love is just perfect.

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