10th of April – Siblings Day

On April 10, another family holiday is celebrated in different countries of the world - the Siblings Day. Not too famous, it is intended to continue the glorious tradition of honoring family and kinship ties, strengthening the relationship between loved ones, which are in relation to each other brothers and sisters.

It must be said that the very tradition of honoring the blood closeness of brother and sister, warm relations between them throughout their lives, existed among many peoples. For example, in India today there is a corresponding national holiday - Raksha Bandhan, which is celebrated in the second half of the summer and is accompanied by rituals. For example, a sister ties a sacred bandage or cord around her brother's wrist, which, according to legend, is supposed to protect against evil forces. The brother, in turn, brings the sister a gift, promising to protect her all her life and help. This national holiday protects family values and is designed to constantly remind the closest kindred spirits of the need for mutual love and mutual assistance.

The appearance of today's holiday is associated with another country and has its own history, but just like in India, it is aimed at reminding brothers and sisters that they are the closest people in this world in relation to each other. The tradition of celebrating Brothers and Sisters Day on April 10 came from the United States. Claudia Evart became the ideological inspirer of the establishment of the new holiday. She lost her siblings at an early age and was grieving at this loss. In memory of them, Claudia organized the celebration, and as the date she chose April 10 - her sister's birthday.

The woman appealed to the society to remember about loved ones: brothers and sisters, to appreciate the very opportunity to feel warmth and kindness, care and understanding of a loved one.

The holiday, first held in 1998, began to quickly gain popularity, first in the United States, and then spread to other countries and is already "overgrown" with traditions. So, on this day, it is customary to give gifts to a brother or sister, congratulate by phone, meet in a cafe or the whole family at home, giving warmth and joy to each other and to parents for whom there is nothing more pleasant than close and good relations between their children!

By the way, unlike the Indian holiday, which is celebrated by siblings, Brothers and Sisters Day on April 10 is a holiday that does not imply a relationship between a brother and sister, but between two brothers or several sisters. The holidays have a lot in common, however, the April holiday is of a broader nature and is not tied to the history and culture of an individual nation. I would like to believe that the wide modern possibilities of communication between people will make it international and popular all over the world!

Do you have siblings? Spend this day with them and cherish every minute you have and the fact that you have a family! And don't forget to congratulate your lady in Chat. Ask her whether she has siblings, and how she celebrates this day.

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