What to do if you like two girls at once

You always feel awkward and confused when you realize that you like two girls at once. And it seems that you have the same feelings for them and don’t know at all what to do in this case.

There is no need to worry and suffer from remorse because this happened. After all, in fact, there are a lot of incredible women on VeronikaLove who want relationships. And you may really like several of them at once. We can’t always easily understand emotions and understand how to do the right thing. But still, you shouldn’t give hope to both girls at the same time, so as not to turn out to be a scoundrel. It is important to make a choice and make the right decision - there are several ways to do this.

Make a list of the positive and negative qualities of each
This is the first step in choosing one girl out of two. You need to make a list of the positive and negative qualities of each and analyze the result. To do this, ask yourself a few questions:
-Which of them are you more comfortable with?
-Who understands you better?
- Who has a worse character?
-Who tends to be more in control?
- Who seems more emotionally mature to you?
-Who do you trust more?
- Who is easier to communicate with?
Let us note that in such matters you should never focus only on appearance - such an approach is obviously doomed to failure. Consider all the answers you gave yourself before making a choice in favor of one of the girls.

Check your compatibility
Compatibility is another aspect to consider when choosing between two girls. You shouldn’t believe in the myth that “opposites attract” or that people can change beyond recognition for the sake of relationships.

Compare which of the girls is similar to you in such important aspects as habits, life goals, interests, expectations, religious and political views, position on issues of family, friends, morality. After all, it is very difficult to build a relationship with a person who is your complete opposite.

Compatibility does not mean that you have to be identical in every way. But you should have enough similarities to avoid conflicts in the future.

Think about who treats you better
It is important to observe which girl treats you better, because mutual respect is the key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Think about which of the girls you are not embarrassed to be yourself with, think about what emotions you experience when you are next to each of them.

Also think about which of them cares about your opinion, who includes you in their plans, and provides support in difficult times. It’s also worth analyzing which of the girls criticizes you more often, and which ones are sincerely happy about your success.

Choose a girl who makes you feel valued, respected, heard, understood and cared for.

Analyze who brings out the best qualities in you
Of course, it's easy to get confused and unsure of your choice, especially when it seems like both girls are right for you. But in order to decide with whom to continue the relationship, it is worth analyzing which of them brings out the best qualities in you. Ask yourself these questions as you think about each of the girls:
- Does she give you the personal space you need?
- Do you feel anxious around her?
— Does she encourage you to follow your dreams and ambitions?
- Does she appreciate your good qualities, does she talk about them?
— Does she give a gentle assessment of your actions or more often condemn your actions?

If you understand that next to one of the girls you become the best version of yourself, feel supported and want to achieve more, then you should choose her.

Temporarily distance yourself from both of them
Temporary distancing will make it clear which of the girls is more interested in you. For example, you may not write to each of them for a couple of days to mark who writes to you first.

Also, if you are not sure of your choice, you should take a break from dating both girls, for example, citing work commitments. This time will let you understand which of them you miss more and which one you want to see again more strongly. By the way, remember the possibility of not choosing any of them if you are not sure of your feelings.

Listen to your intuition
Don't underestimate the power of intuition when it comes to lists and thinking. You don’t always have feelings for a person who seems ideal to you. It is important not only to decide on the qualities of the girl you want to choose, but also to think about whether you feel truly strong emotions and attraction to her.

Be firm in your decision
When you make a choice, there is always room for doubt. It's easy to get caught up in thoughts that start with "what if" and get bogged down in thoughts and assumptions.

In the end, no one knows how the relationship with the girl he prefers will turn out. But it is also impossible to say what an alliance would be like with the one who remained on the sidelines. Therefore, if you have decided which of them you will give preference to, remain firm and adamant in your decision.

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