What to Do after a Quarrel

Unfortunately, people usually either naively believe that there will be no quarrels in their family at all, or they take up the solution of problems when these quarrels were no longer enough. Relationships are checked in different ways, including quarrels and disputes, however, after the scandals for a long time, there is a feeling of emptiness and resentment. First, it starts with a little - with a simple insulting word, then the spouses allow more offensive cries, serious accusations and even insults towards each other. It’s almost impossible to stop, which is why the quarrels of many families are similar to military actions on the scale of aggression and destruction.

If you leave everything as it is, the dreams of family happiness will remain dreams. It is very difficult to enjoy life, when the closest person does not cause pleasant emotions, respect, and is a constant opponent in disputes when he should be supported. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to calmly talk, negotiate with each other and listen to everyone's opinion.

First of all, find out what causes your quarrels most often and work together to get rid of it. Try to agree that the family and your relationship is much more important than the turmoil, and peace in the family is more important than stupid quarrels and offenses. It is unlikely that one of the spouses wants another evil, so why offend a loved one? Always remember that before you are a living person who is not without flaws, but he is the one you love. Then the desire to quarrel will occur less frequently. Learn not to look guilty, and ways to resolve the conflict, then you will be able to maintain a good relationship.

Family quarrels are the first step to parting. They cause a lot of pain not only to spouses but also to all close people - children, parents, friends. Frequent conflicts oppress, force a person to change not for the better, affect all spheres of life. But family quarrels can disappear, if two value each other, in any case, quarrels can become discussions of problems - without scandals, tears and mutual insults.

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