Traits Everyone Looks for in the Partner

When we look for love, we look for some certain traits that will be suitable and most fitting for us. Something that attracts, that makes us feel comfortable near this person, and gives the feeling of securing and sureness in the future. So, what are the traits people are looking for in each other when they wish to create a family? Of course, this is quite individual question, but still there are some traits that are similar for everyone.

It is said that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. This only means that we look at the world from the different angles, but when it goes about relations, you should be from one planet. Something that is only yours, and on which only you two can live. If you find such person, you will surely recognize this, as you will seem to speak the same language and understand things no one else gets. And, of course, you will feel incredibly comfortable near this person, as if you can fall asleep, and nothing will make you worry!

No matter what, people tend to look for someone who is clever. Of course, you shouldn’t be genius, but you at least need to be smart and not absolutely boring. Actually, everyone wishes to find someone similar to their level of development to feel good, but if one partner is a little bit smarter, it is surely better, as there will be the goal to reach and to develop yourself.

In this, your skill of listening will help you greatly. We all wish to have someone who will listen to the problems and happy moments every day. But you need to remember not to be egoistic, as your significant other also has something to tell you. So, try to give your beloved person a chance to speak to you, as love likes when two halves communicate.

Don’t let your beloved person feel bored. Being together means that you need to bring each other pleasant feelings, otherwise it is really better to stay alone. You have to be interesting! Ask more about your half, learn about the interests and hobbies, and take part in them! Do something together on the weekend or don’t postpone your fun and start having it any time you wish – and your life will be much brighter.

Don’t play the role of the person that is not you. You may wish to be liked by someone and try to match the expectations by wearing a mask and behaving the way you are not used to, but sooner or later your lies will come out, and it will be much worse, plus, you might lose this person. So, stay natural, and show your own sides that are typical only for you, and if that person is destined to you – love will sparkle between you two!

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