Things that make relationships stronger

“Happily ever after” is how people who enter into a relationship try to think. To achieve this, you need a real unity of souls and thoughts, which both of you should work on. How to find this synergy in relationships - read in our material.

Something without which it is simply impossible to build a harmonious and happy relationship. Moreover, it is necessary to be honest not only with the girl, but above all with yourself. As for the first, everything is quite simple: do not lie. You go out with your friends - don't come up with sudden deadlines at work, burning asses of colleagues and bosses, but say straight out that you plan to relax in a purely male company (and yes, if you say so, then make sure that this is true) and you will return late Or even in the morning. In this case, calm her down and convince her that she can go to bed without you.

As for the second: sincerity towards yourself and your feelings. If you realize that the chosen one does not quite suit you, and you cannot put up with it, then it’s not destiny. Do not try to convince yourself - it is useless. Do not give in to euphoria at the initial stage of the relationship. This will pass, and in the breaks it will be necessary to do something else. If you understand that you don’t feel like yourself in her company or you feel some kind of discomfort, don’t promise the girl love to the grave. You need to be sure that you will be able to give it to her.

Smart sacrifices.
Of course, everyone who is in a relationship has to sacrifice something. But it is important to keep a balance and not engage in opportunism - in this way you risk losing yourself and completely dissolving in your partner. Usually women suffer from this more often, which they later bitterly regret, but there is such a misfortune among our brother. He promised to take her to the cinema - lead, but do not do it to the detriment of other moments of your life. For example, at the beginning of the week, you and your friends planned a Friday trip to the sauna, but suddenly on Thursday your missus declares that you need to urgently go shopping with her tomorrow. No, you don't need to - shopping can be postponed for the weekend. Being in a couple does not mean that you need to forget about the usual things for the sake of relationships. Healthy selfishness is normal. But only healthy, do not confuse.

Appropriate behaviour.
No matter how strong your feelings are, you don’t need to overdo them. There is no need to demand systematic reports on her movements, and it is also not worth arranging scenes of jealousy from scratch. Total jealousy signals not so much about the partner's insincerity, but about your self-doubt and complexes. Tell yourself that only boiled eggs are cooler than you and she is very lucky with you, and will let you go in an instant. In addition, girls, like guys, can not stand restrictions - we are all individuals, after all.

Of course, you always need to keep your eyes open, especially if there have already been precedents in the form of unexpected meetings with an “old friend”, or even more so with an ex. In other cases, relax and try to trust your woman. The good thing is trust.

Courage to solve problems.
Escapism never leads to good, especially in relationships. Having run away from the problem once, you will definitely face it again, only now you will face a much larger knot of contradictions and mutual claims than before, and it will be much more difficult to untie it.

You should not suppress the negativity in yourself and turn a blind eye to all sorts of unpleasant little things, because then they will begin to overlap each other, and you will no longer remember how the conflicts began. To maintain a normal microclimate in a relationship, you need to have the courage to overcome problems, and not run from them. The best way to do this is a calm heart-to-heart conversation, where everyone listens and hears the interlocutor.

This is one of the most important aspects of a happy life. It is because of the lack of attention that all conflicts, betrayals and partings often occur. You must have heard about the candy-bouquet period. So, at the end of it, you should not forget about sweets and bouquets at all - give them with or without reason, just as a sign that you appreciate her and do not take her feelings for granted.

Take the girl to the cinema, parks, exhibitions, cafes and restaurants; do not forget to hug her when watching movies together; ask how your day went. Hug and say something nice. And don't forget the flowers.

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