The Most Romantic Places to Visit in Ukraine

When you come to meet your lady from VeronikaLove to Ukraine, you should know the most romantic places you should visit in the country! Here are the best of them that will melt your lady's heart in no time!

Mariinsky Park in Kiev

The capital's Mariinsky Park has long been perceived by the people of Kyiv as something ordinary, but this is a very atmospheric place. The guests of the park are greeted by magnificent fountains among the greenery, and an incredible landscape on the left bank of the Dnieper opens from the platform in front of the Mariinsky Palace.
The final chord in the romantic atmosphere of the park is the “Bridge of Lovers” (aka Park Bridge, aka Devil's Bridge), which is always hung with padlocks with love confessions. From the side of the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, a monument to lovers is located at the bridge.

Italian courtyard in Lviv

Lviv can rightfully be considered the most romantic city in Ukraine - its ancient central streets have long become a magnet for tourists. In the very center of the city, on the Market Square, the mansion of the merchant Konstantin Kornyakt is located.
This unique palace was erected in 1580 according to the project of Italian architects Petra from Barbona and Pavel Roman. The courtyard of the mansion is protected from city noise by external walls and is a real islet of Venice in Ukraine - with characteristic architecture, columns, and statues.
Today in the Italian courtyard there is a summer cafe, jazz concerts are often held there.

Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace in Odessa

The rotunda of the Vorontsov Palace occupies a special place in the hearts of Odessa citizens. The legend is still alive in the city that the colonnade was built in honor of the girl who, year after year, was waiting for the return of her beloved from a long voyage.
The complex, designed by architect Francesco Carlo Boffo, is located in a picturesque location near Primorsky Boulevard.

"Bridge of Love" in Zaporozhye

Another bridge, which has become a favorite place for couples to walk, has settled in Zaporizhzhia Voznesenovsky park. The composition of the bridge is made in the form of a gazebo over a pond lit by lamps - it looks especially impressive in the evening. It is noteworthy that the bridge was originally called the "Bridge to the heart of mother-in-law."

Sofia park

The famous Sofia Park in Uman is literally the fruit of love. Polish tycoon Stanislav Pototsky ordered the construction of this complex as a gift to his wife Sophia Glyavone.
As a result, almost everything in the park breathes romance and is shrouded in legends of a loving nature. Couples are constantly walking on the bridge of lovers in Sofia Park, and wedding photo sessions are regularly held in the local pavilion with a white colonnade.

Tunnel of Love in Klevan

The so-called “tunnel of love” - an avenue covered in verdure in the village of Klevan, Rivne region, arose by chance. Locals tell tourists that in the place of the tunnel there used to be a railway leading to a military base. To disguise it, trees were planted right under the rails.
Years passed, the military base in Klevan was abandoned long ago, and the “tunnel” began to grow into romantic legends and gain popularity among tourists. It is believed that lovers should walk along the "tunnel" together, making a wish.

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