The Best Ways to Win and Keep a Girl. Part One

Veronikalove is not just a website, it is real life, which is filled with meaning and feelings. And just like in real life, there are failures here. This article will help you avoid mistakes and win the heart of your beloved girl forever.

Be attentive.

Women are very contradictory - on the one hand, they want tenderness, understanding and romance, on the other, they dream of a strong man with severely compressed lips and steel jaws. What we call romance and tenderness really means that we expect your attention.
Not just attention - but mindfulness. This means remembering what flowers we like, what kind of tea or coffee we prefer, that we adore dark chocolate, and not the first one that comes from the shelf in the store, that the name of our dog Max and what we discussed with you the day before is extremely important. ... Do not forget that all gifts can be found on our website here.

We value not words, but actions!

It is important for every man to know! Love is not words, it is actions! No verbal trills and outpourings will say more about love than a specific deed. Women don't believe in words, they believe in deeds. Yes, women are materialists - just do not confuse this with commercialism, we are not talking about the relationship "he pays - she dances", we are talking about male concern for the woman he loves.

Never talk about other women.

Remember: never, not a word, not a sound about your ex and your past together with them. We don't want to know anything about your ex, it doesn't concern us! But the truth is, it happens that some not very self-confident ladies themselves pull the veins out of men with a request to tell about the ex-lover.

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