Reasons why you find it difficult to find a girl to fall in love with

We think the girls from Veronikalove are sincerely open to new relationships. Among them there are a lot of beautiful, sincere and incredibly cheerful brides. However, if something confuses you or stops you from meeting new people, here are some useful tips for you.

Your expectations are too high
One of the reasons why it is so difficult for you to meet the right one may be unrealistic expectations from a girl. The image you imagine in your head may be too perfect to be true. After all, every person has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. If you have too high demands on your partner, it will be difficult for you to find the ideal combination of all these qualities.

There is one more nuance: even if you manage to meet such a girl, this does not mean that you will definitely fall in love with her. Unfortunately, even when deep down we understand that a person really suits us and meets our expectations, even in this case there may be no feelings. This also works in the opposite direction: a girl who does not fit your type at all can arouse strong interest and sympathy in you, which will later develop into a relationship.

You are traumatized by a past relationship
Unfortunately, almost all of us have painful relationship experiences. If you have experienced betrayal in the past, you may be overly cautious. For example, not trusting girls: ignoring your feelings, avoiding reciprocity, convincing yourself that you don’t really like the girl, and so on. The more traumatic your experience, the more difficult it will be for you to find the one with whom you can truly fall in love.

You think you're unworthy of love
Because of a toxic environment or low self-esteem, you may truly believe that you are unworthy of anyone's love. You may feel overwhelmed by the feeling that you are not good enough to feel this way, that your standards are too high and need to be lowered. In this case, the girls you will feel sympathy for will seem almost ideal to you, while you will constantly devalue yourself.

If you believe that you are unworthy of someone's love, you forbid yourself to experience feelings. That's why it becomes so difficult for you to find a girl to fall in love with.

You crave complete control over your life
If you strive to control every aspect of your life, then this will certainly lead to problems with girls. You will either try to control all the actions of your partner, or you will refuse to build relationships altogether, because you won’t be able to control your personal life 100%, no matter how much you want it. The fact is that relationships are always the work of two people, their common contribution. But at the same time, everyone in a couple is a separate person with their own worldview, needs and desires, goals, character traits, and so on. It will not be possible to predict and control all the words and actions of another person. You may think that giving up relationships is the easiest way to maintain control over your life, but this is just an illusion.

You are focused on appearance
Of course, appearance plays an important role. If you don't like the way a girl looks, you're unlikely to pay attention to her and want to get to know her. Only here it is necessary to maintain a balance in everything: appearance alone is not enough to truly fall in love. You need to agree on something else—outlook on life, goals for the future, interests, and so on. You shouldn't be bored with each other. Beauty should not be the only criterion by which you evaluate a girl. Otherwise, you will never find the one you can fall in love with.

You're burned out
If you feel tired, lethargic and apathetic for a long time, you can hardly expect yourself to fall in love. Financial obligations, work overload, lack of intermediate results, health problems - if all this is present in your life, it means that now you are in a dark period and simply do not have enough energy for dates, correspondence and sympathy. Emotional burnout leaves you with no strength to live a full life. Ideally, you need to solve pressing problems as quickly as possible, allocate time for quality rest, adjust your sleep schedule, diet, and introduce healthy habits into your routine. And only after that think about new acquaintances and relationships.

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