Old-fashioned romantic gestures that are still relevant today

At all times, there have been tips on how to court women and behave on a date. Of course, some of them are outdated and now seem at least strange, but others will be useful in order to impress a girl and give her pleasant emotions. So it's worth looking back at the past decades, taking some of the best ideas for romantic gestures and putting them into action.

Write a love letter
It's time to write to that very special girl from VeronikaLove. To impress a girl, you will have to practice calligraphy on real paper. Share your true feelings by writing her a letter and putting it in a beautiful envelope. Write a poem about her, remembering your literature lessons and being inspired by the works of the classics. Or send it by mail the old fashioned way to make the impression even brighter.

Read out loud to a girl
Until the moment when the Internet came to every home, books were one of the most popular entertainments. Choose a passage you like or a story that can lift your spirits and read it out loud to your girlfriend. This is a good way to add variety to your date and also demonstrate your outlook and feelings. And such a gesture will also help the girl get to know you better, so choose what you will read very carefully.

Cook her dinner
Eating out or taking out can be a lot of fun, but over time it becomes boring.

To give a girl a pleasant experience and surprise her, you should prepare dinner with your own hands. In addition, now learning how to make any dish is much easier than even twenty years ago, because to do this you just need to open a website or a video tutorial, and not run to the store or to your relatives for a cookbook.

Dim lights, good music, candles, food prepared especially for her - a girl will definitely remember such a date and will also appreciate your efforts.

Dance with her
Unfortunately, modern clubs rarely play slow music to which two people can dance. Because of this, people lose the opportunity to be closer to each other and fill their fun time with romance.

But everything can be corrected, for example, by ordering a composition from a DJ and explaining to him why it is important to you. You can also surprise a girl without leaving your home by simply turning on slow music and inviting her to dance.

Give her flowers
More and more often, flowers are given on March 8th or birthdays as a sign of love and gratitude. But you don’t have to equate such a surprise with some important dates; on our website you can choose a gift for her for a variety of occasions. Even a small bouquet will make your girlfriend smile and feel happy. Please note that you should give at least three flowers, because one rose in foil looks too modest and can give the impression that you are being greedy.

Share a romantic playlist with her
Many men used to write songs to their women to show them their love. But there is not always such an opportunity, as well as hearing and voice.

Nowadays, making such a romantic gesture is as easy as shelling pears - just create a playlist on a platform convenient for the girl, adding music to it that reminds you of her. Songs can be touching and sentimental, sweet and a little silly.

You can also write down why they are associated with your girlfriend. For example, clarify that a certain composition reflects her light and cheerful character, while another reminds her of her first kiss or a trip to the sea together.

This gift will lift her spirits every time she turns on the playlist. It will also reflect that you think about her and show concern.

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