How to Start Communication with a Lady on VeronikaLove

VeronikaLove provides the highest quality services for you to find your significant other! However, one may think - how do I make the first step? How do I start a conversation with a lady? Here are a few tips on how you may do this!

Where to start communication
The conversation should always start with a greeting and a formal introduction. Many girls really like it when they are addressed to you, at least in the first few messages. From this, the image of a gentleman is created, which almost no lady can refuse. But these are simple and even banal examples that will not be new for any beauty, girls love to be surprised.

You can also surprise in different ways, but for a successful acquaintance, it is better to evoke positive emotions. Phrases like "Does your mom need a son-in-law?" they are unlikely to hook a decent person to the soul, they are more likely to seem vulgar and a man who uses such constructions will go to ignore or blacklist. And he can forever forget about close communication with this lady.

What to talk about when start communication on VeronikaLove
Where to start and how to communicate in order to please your interlocutor and at the same time understand whether this correspondence brings you pleasure? After the duty greeting and the very acquaintance, of course, you need to find out the interests and hobbies of the girl. As a rule, standard questions help, which you cannot do without:

- what kind of music does your interlocutor prefer to listen to;
- which genre of cinema is closer to her;
- does she have any hobbies, such as sports, dancing, singing, or something else;
- where does she study? If at a university, then what specialty, or maybe already working. Why not ask in what area or in what position;
- you can learn about taste preferences in the kitchen;
- how she likes to spend her free time, clubs, movies, cafes, or her favorite book and a cup of coffee;
- ask questions based on your interests. For example, does she love animals, or does she play a musical instrument?
Try to find common ground so you know what topics you can talk about so you don't sound boring or silly. Women love smart men but don't try to sound like someone you are not. The information received will help determine whether you have common interests and views. Whether the interlocutor is of any interest to you as a person. And in general, is it worth continuing the acquaintance. But do not forget that you also have to answer such questions, and truthfully and that you are also being evaluated and some conclusions are drawn.

When communicating with a girl, it is important to write correctly, no one demands poetic poems. It is necessary at least not to make mistakes in simple words, an illiterate scribble can easily repulse. Try not to be rude, even if you have an argument in the course of correspondence. Remember, in a dispute, truth is born. In addition, this is a good opportunity to see if your new friend knows how to control her emotions, and whether she can reckon with other people's opinions. Simply put, is she a hysterical person.

In a conversation with a beautiful girl, try to maintain lightness so that communication flows on its own, do not strain too personal and intimate questions at first. Try to joke more, flirt. Show that you are interested in communicating, ask tricky questions, but not vulgar or offensive. Such communication relaxes the girl, she will reach out to you if she is with you morally well and calmly.

How to understand that you will be able to correspond further, and this communication can lead to something?

Guys often have doubts about whether to continue talking and whether the girl will respond next time. The most important reason to keep communicating is desire. If you yourself do not want to communicate, then it is better not to force yourself to write something to someone. In addition, the unwillingness to communicate very quickly will give itself to the interlocutor. It's pretty easy to guess when a person is not interested in communication. For example, short answers, lack of initiative, and any emotions, in other words, dry correspondence. If you feel such an attitude from a girl, then it is better to stop such an acquaintance. And look for another interlocutor who will be interested in communicating with you.

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  1. This article was a basic common sense article. I enjoyed the article and brought me back to reality that put the information in my face. Sometimes I need that kind of reminder, many times I seek to be too clever. This article brought me back to keeping it simple.

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