How to chat with a girl so that she is interested in you

Every evening you look at her photos in VeronikaLove! , she reciprocates, but she never reaches full communication. As soon as you open the dialog box, you fall into a stupor and do not know where to start, which one to choose.

And, perhaps, your fears are justified, because you need to be able to correspond. But today you will forget about doubts, because we will tell you how to write so that she wants to answer you, and how to stir up her interest in you.

Forget template phrases

You have to be original, otherwise why would she waste time on you? Forget about the stereotyped "how are you" and "let's get to know each other." And, of course, do not forget to write correctly so that she does not involuntarily start reading your messages with an accent. Don't forget wit. On it you can build a fascinating dialogue. Make a joke, give a non-standard answer, tease her. The best option is if you can fit all this into one message. Drop the standards, don't be like the hundreds of men who tried to hit on her.

Instead of the usual "hello", you can draw an analogy with some beautiful celebrity or a popular character who is also beautiful. She will most likely enjoy it. You also like being compared to Keanu Reeves, for example. If you think she looks like Emilia Clarke, text her that she looks like Khaleesi. Or don't be lazy and make a collage of her photo and a frame with Daenerys. In general, the first contact is extremely important, so think carefully about your actions.

Ask the right questions

The right ones are the ones she can't answer with "ok", "no", or "yes". For example, ask about a movie that was recently released, ask what emotions she experienced while watching. And if you haven’t seen it, is this not a reason to invite her to the cinema? If you already had a first date, ask her what impressions she had after your meeting. It is necessary to force her to enumerate, then she will give detailed answers, and the conversation will start.

And again: don't ask how you're doing. If you want to evoke emotions in her, you need to be interested in them. Therefore, it is better to replace the hackneyed phrase with at least “How are you feeling?” Ask about what interested her in some things, how she felt after learning about some event or taking part in it. In general, reconnaissance is important.

Use ambiguous phrases

Girls love to look for hidden subtext in words. You need to make her think about what you wanted to say when you wrote a certain phrase. Well, this is a good way to test her sense of humor and not only.

For example, if she wrote that she drinks tea, you can say that you really like to wrap your hands around a hot mug and enjoy it, feeling warm. So you give her a reason to turn on the fantasy, and she will start to think. Which, in principle, many people like to do.

You must have the last word

Everything should go according to your scenario. You started, you finished. You need to try to make it impossible for her to read the message and not respond. And, of course, it’s worth ending on a positive note, and not when you “sucked” some topic and were silent for a long time, peering into the dialogue window.
The right to end the dialogue should remain with you so that after you say goodbye, she remains interested.

Don't be boring

No, really. It's easy to get carried away - we understand. But don't write to her every half an hour to find out if she has a headache, if she went to the toilet and what she ate for breakfast. Even in social networks, a certain freedom and personal space is important. Do not bother her with questions, and in general, if you are too persistent, her interest will quickly disappear, because she will be convinced of your interest. You have to keep at arm's length.

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