Did You Know that the Color of Present Also Matters?

VeronikaLove greets summer, and offers you a wide variety of Real Gifts to send to your lady! But did you know that the color of a present also plays an integral part! Each color has its own particular beauty, carries a certain meaning, and subconsciously affects our mood. This knowledge will be needed when choosing the color of gifts and packaging. Pay attention to the color in the interior, clothing, and surrounding objects that the person to whom you are looking for a gift prefers.

Yellow color symbolizes intuition and intelligence. This color stimulates and improves mood. Yellow light is better than others recorded in memory. This color is loved by sociable, pragmatic, and restrained people, with high self-esteem, energetic, self-confident. Yellow is the color of the bright sun, carrying light, heat, and energy. Yellow promotes organization, attention to detail, and discipline. Yellow is associated with concentration and clarity of mind.

The gold color is a symbol of strength, power, and glory. This color overcomes any difficulties. The gold color is associated with love and wisdom. Gold is believed to be frozen drops of sunlight. In this regard, the golden color carries warmth, light, and joy.

Red - exciting, sexual, increases blood pressure. It is the color of fire, action, and thirst for life. Active, purposeful, and energetic people prefer this color. Give them original, bright, extravagant gifts, and you can really please them. Red color gives energy, activates, and excites, radiates heat. He can overcome depression, fear, and despondency. Red activates working capacity and endurance, strengthens the will, improves mood, overcomes difficulties, and obstacles.

Orange color is associated with self-affirmation, health, joy, energy, warmth, and courage. It always pleases the eye and promotes a good mood. Orange is a warm and invigorating color. It is often associated with the sun, fire, joy, and expressiveness. This color helps a person to feel more relaxed and free. Orange color contributes to optimism, openness, and sociability. This color sets up harmony, trust in the world, and a sense of unity with it. Orange color causes a certain excitement in a person, but not as strong as red color.

The green color is a symbol of prosperity, vitality, and new beginnings. People who prefer this color are highly efficient. Green calms, improves health. It is the color of nature itself, of constant change and renewal. In the spectrum, green is located between warm and cold colors. It is the color of balance and harmony, stability, and integrity. It evokes a sense of peace, tranquility, and hope that helps dispel negative emotions. In the treatment plan, green stabilize the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, reduces the heartbeat, and normalizes blood pressure. Green also can lull and soothe. This color creates a feeling of peace and harmony in a person.

Brown color represents stability, devotion, reliability, protection, conservatism. Soothes during anxiety, unrest. A man who loves brown is slowly but surely moving towards his goal. He is inclined to think carefully over, calculate everything, and only then act. Brown color helps to feel protected, relieves tension, gives peace, a healthy outlook on life, and self-confidence.

Blue symbolizes constancy, perseverance, devotion, seriousness, severity, clarity of thought. People who choose this color love order, systematic. They always have an opinion; devoted to their work. Blue is a cold color. It calms a person, inspires creativity and spiritual search. As the color of inner peace, it promotes introspection and self-deepening. Blue color helps to cope with anxiety, insomnia, and anxiety.

Pink is a symbol of romance, kindness, love, passion, sensitivity. The paler it is, the stronger the expression of love. Promotes a sense of comfort, eliminates obsessive thoughts, helps in difficult situations. This is a mixture of red and white colors. Pink is romantic and gentle. The warmth of this color removes all the negative and gloomy. Pink color reconciles the conflicting parties, helps to gently exit conflict situations. Pink develops sensitivity and intuition.

So, when choosing a gift, you may, first of all, ask your lady in Chat which color she would like to receive!

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