9 things a confident person never does in a relationship

Many of us behave in relation to a loved one, to put it mildly, disrespectful. It can be too difficult to understand and accept this, but it is even more difficult to try to change the situation. In order to become a better partner, you may first need to develop self-confidence. A person with normal self-esteem and adequate confidence in himself and his own abilities does not make the following mistakes.

1. Doesn't expect a loved one to complete him
Many people live believing that meeting a loved one will radically change their life for the better. And at the beginning of a new relationship, they devote all their free time to a partner - they eat, sleep and breathe together. Of course, over time, a person understands that the emptiness does not go anywhere, and begins to blame the partner for this.

Strong and self-confident people do not feel that they need to be supplemented. They become whole individuals and only then start looking for someone else. They have friends, work and hobbies, they are able to make themselves happy on their own.

2. Does not try to assert itself at the expense of another
A self-confident person understands that self-affirmation at the expense of others will not bring him any benefit. He simply does not need to do this with a loved one. The only way to build a healthy relationship is to understand and accept yourself, and not to put the other down in order to temporarily feel stronger or smarter.

3. Doesn't try to fix the person
A self-confident person helps his partner in any way he can, but understands that it is beyond his power to fix anyone. A person can change only when he wants to.

A self-confident person does not live in expectation of a miraculous reincarnation and does not convince himself that if he puts in enough effort, his partner will become better. Moreover, he seeks to understand the partner's point of view and find a compromise. And if it doesn’t work out, a self-confident person is more likely to break off relations than to wait until the last for a mythical happy ending.

4. Doesn't stop talking
A person who is confident does not try to avoid conversations, even if they are unpleasant. He understands that in a healthy relationship, partners try to understand each other better, and for this, sometimes it is simply necessary to discuss uncomfortable or awkward topics. A confident person does not avoid such conversations, but looks at them as an opportunity to improve relationships.

5. Does not remember the past at every opportunity.
Confident people don't bring up the past to win an argument or use it as an opportunity to put their partner in their place. They try to work on improving relationships in the present, instead of remembering the past. They understand that this will not solve today's problems in any way, and do not remember the past at every opportunity.

6. Doesn't Tell Others About Their Relationship Problems                                                       When it comes to solving relationship problems, confident people give all their attention to themselves and their partner. They do not seek advice from strangers, they do not complain about their partner to their friends or relatives, they do not talk about those things that do not suit them to their colleagues.

Firstly, if you bring your problems to the discussion of other people, it will not help in any way. Advice that your family or friends may give may not necessarily work, as each situation is unique and it is unlikely that your acquaintances have experienced exactly the same problem. And secondly, condemnation from your loved ones can further aggravate the situation.

7. Doesn't try to speed things up
Of course, there are ways to speed up the development of relationships, but in most cases this does not lead to anything good. If you are ready to live together, share a budget or get a dog, this does not mean that your partner is of the same opinion. By putting pressure on him, you can get the opposite effect: instead of the long-awaited cohabitation, parting.

Relationships take time to develop, and you can move on to the next stage only when both partners are ready for it. And pushing a loved one, hoping that after you move in together or legitimize the relationship, he definitely won’t leave you is the lot of people who are insecure.

8. Not looking for hidden meaning
Words and deeds in most cases have no subtext. A self-confident person will not look for secret meanings in the statements of a partner. Remember: sometimes a loved one just wants to be alone, and this does not mean that he suddenly lost interest in you or does not tolerate your presence.

9. Don't blame your partner for all problems
A self-confident person is also confident in his choice - if suddenly he has a problem in a relationship, he does not blame the partner for everything. He understands that relationships are the result of the efforts of both partners, and shares responsibility in half. It makes no sense for him to make the person he loves guilty, because he is driven by the desire to improve relations and decide

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