6 things a woman pays attention to when choosing a man

First of all, this is only the external side, and it is followed by an assessment of intellectual qualities. Girls evaluate men from different angles, and for them, appearance may not be the first on the list. This is what women usually pay attention to when choosing a partner.

1. Maturity

When we talk about maturity, then, in this case, we are not talking about the visual component, although it is also worth noting. Studies show that women are much more likely to ignore men who dress "childishly" in t-shirts, shorts and baseball caps. It is associated with infantilism, at least in girls over 30.

However, here we want to note the importance of the emotional maturity of how a man responds to challenges. If he behaves hysterically and spontaneously, this is not liked by girls who want to see a strong partner nearby, and not a teenager with complexes. It is important for women that their man be strict, but fair with others. And no, this is not about snobs and bores pretending to be mature, but about men who know their own worth.

2. Financial literacy

Often on the Internet you can hear the opinion that women are mercantile creatures who only need money. It is better not to voice such speeches in a decent society, so as not to pass for a narrow-minded person. For many women, it is not so much the security of a man that is important, but the ability to manage money.

The main thing is that a man should not behave like a boy who throws money around to splurge, but should know the value of this resource. It is unlikely that she will be delighted with your attempts to please her with your stylish expensive jacket or business class car when she hears that all this is taken on credit and takes away a significant part of your profit.

3. Height and physique

Of course, there are girls who do not care that their boyfriend is short and full, but such a minority. Just as men are evolutionarily drawn to women with large breasts and wide hips, signs of a higher chance of bearing offspring, so women have a predisposition to choose a tall and strong man.

No matter how strong a girl is, both physically and mentally, somewhere deep in her subconscious is the thought that the partner should be at least a little higher. This makes most women feel secure around a tall man. If you can work with your physical form, create a toned athletic body, then it seems to be more and more difficult with growth, because your parameters will not change, except that, with age, you will become lower due to gravity. However, high-soled shoes can be worn to appear a little taller.

4. Neatness

Oddly enough, but women, most often, pay attention, first of all, to shoes. The thing is that by the appearance of shoes you can understand a lot about a person. If his shoes are polished and well-groomed, most likely he is tidy in other matters and is highly likely to be a cultured person. Another thing is when a man allows you to show up at an event or a date in dirty shoes. This is already a sign of untidiness and emotional immaturity.

As for the rest of the elements, they should also be, if not brand new, then at least properly ironed and clean. Neatness refers to hair, beard, nails and other elements of your style. Each of them complements each other, and if the picture is harmonious, they create a pleasant spectacle. Any woman wants to show off her man, and it's hard to do if he walks around in jeans with stretched knees, a shirt with sweat stains under the armpits and dirty shoes. So don't forget to watch your style and be neat.

5. Sense of humor.

It’s not enough just to smile, although this is already enough to melt the ice between you. It is much more important to have a good and appropriate sense of humor. What a lot of guys don't realize is that when you first meet, you should first test the waters before you start joking about topics that are deeper than the generally accepted ones. Perhaps an inappropriate joke can put an end to further communication, so it's better to wait a little with specific humor.

Since a sense of humor, especially subtle, is considered a sign of intelligence, girls pay attention to this quality both quite consciously and on a subconscious level.

6. Self-confidence

It doesn't matter that you're not as handsome as Hollywood actors or as smart as scientists, if you have enough self-confidence, that alone can arouse a woman's interest. This quality is one of the main tools in the arsenal of any person. You can talk complete nonsense, but with confidence it will capture all the attention of the girl. And you can say interesting things, but doubting yourself and nothing good will come of it.

Therefore, the next time you meet a girl on VeronikaLove! , be confident in your abilities, let her see the fire in your eyes and feel the power of the words you said.

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