4 Love languages ​​that make relationships stronger

Learn to speak your partner's language to get even closer to each other.

Different people like completely different manifestations of attention and love. Everyone has their own understanding of how they want to be treated. This is a kind of native language, which does not always coincide with the partner's native language.

For some, the true manifestation of love  is  constant care and help, for others  it is  signs of attention in the form of surprises, gifts and flowers. To some, all this seems unnecessary if the partner is never around.

It is useless to declare love to someone in one language if your interlocutor understands only in another, different from yours. Therefore, in order to be heard and understood , you need to speak the same language with your companion.

Conscious choice is opposed to the euphoria of falling in love. You can love each other even after the feelings are gone. The question is to make the right choice in favor of love and respect for the interests of your partner. In this case, the main thing is to “speak to your companion in his language.

The VeronikaLove team identifies four love languages: words of encouragement, time, gifts, help.

1. Encouraging words
Words of encouragement  —  one of the five main languages. There are those for whom it is very important to be appreciated and praised in time. When such people are admired, they are grateful and ready for exploits and any requests. For example, to inspire confidence in your partner, you just need to praise him once again.

2. Time
For someone who speaks the language of time, the main thing is to spend time with each other. Being together means paying attention to each other, not just being around. When you spend time together, you should give your partner full attention, talk, focusing on the interlocutor, and not create the illusion of spending time together.

3. Gifts
For many, loving and giving are one and the same. So, for some, visible symbols of love are contained in gifts. Symbols have emotional value. At the same time, the price of gifts is absolutely not important, because the main thing is attention. You were looking for a gift, therefore, you thought of a person and spent your time on it.

To a person who speaks the language of gifts, their price is indifferent. At the same time, the language of gifts  is the simplest. You can buy some small things or make something with your own hands. Even your presence can be a gift. If you feel that this is the kind of attention you need, say it out loud. Maybe your partner just doesn't understand that it matters to you at all.

4. Help
If it seems to you that your partner is not helping, and you are tired of doing everything yourself, then your language is help.
If it's really important to you that your partner help with something that's giving you trouble, and he doesn't understand it, ask. Help should only be asked for, not ordered. And you don’t have to be offended if they don’t help you by default. Perhaps your companion has a different understanding of the world.

Why learn love languages
Sometimes it is extremely important to see the world through the eyes of another person. Everyone has different needs, and that's okay. Sometimes, in order to save a relationship, it is enough to understand in time what is important for your partner, and not just for you. Then it will be possible to support him as he needs. Give people what they need, not you.

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