Final Results of the Miss Delight Beauty Show

On the 8th of September, at the dawn of the World Fashion Day, the most beautiful women from all over Ukraine gathered in Nikolaev to compete for the honor to be titled the Miss Delight - the most astonishing, breathtaking and head-spinning woman on VeronikaLove!

Only 15 participants were chosen for the final round of the show! The competition was real tough, and it was very hard for the judges to decide who is the worthy. But it was not only the beauty evaluated. The ladies needed to astonish everyone with their talents! The show as simply faery, it looked like a firework made of flowers, dancing and signing, creating bubbles and beautiful things with a wave of a hand. Everything could be enjoyed during live online broadcast that was shown on VeronikaLove!

But you were also the judges of this show! Your votes were really important, as you have chosen Miss Online Star - the one who looked the best on camera, the one who conquered your hearts and who shone in the lights of soffits like a real celebrity.

So here are the winners of Miss Delight Beauty Contest!

1 place, Miss Delight - Tatiana (ID: 283923) from Cherkassy

2 place, Miss Adoration - Marina (ID: 276799) from Nikolaev

3 place, Miss Miracle - Anastasia (ID: 219570) from Kirovohrad

Miss Talent - Daria (ID: 338958) from Kiev

Miss Online Star - Tatiana (ID: 212414) from Kirovohrad

After the contest, there was a gala concert with invited celebrities. It was impressive and entertaining, allowing everyone to have rest after a hard and tensed battle of beauties to prove who is the best! All ladies received pleasant gifts that praised their beauty, talents and creativity.

The beautiful and bright show entertained our guests, but of course we missed you this time, and hope that next time we will have the pleasure and you will accept our invitation! If you didn't have an opportunity to visit this wonderful and colorful beauty contest, don't be upset, as VeronikaLove will hold more of such events, as beauty should be shown to the whole world to please and save it!


  1. I watched this show online and it was amazing! want to congratulate the winners. girls you are the best!

  2. I think it was really amazing show. But unfortunately I had no chance to visit it. Is there any way to see it online now?

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