19th of August – World Photography Day

People create millions of photos every day. It is even hard to believe nowadays that there used to be times when we couldn't have imprinted some significant and beautiful moments. Photography is also called a real art and there are lots of people competing in creation of the most astonishing and significant photos that would become appreciated by the audience all over the world.

It is considered that the first photo was made by Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre in 1839, however, it wasn't the picture we are used to seeing nowadays. The image was imprinted on a metal plate. In 1861 the first colored photo appeared. At those times taking a picture required lots of time, and people had to sit still not to spoil the result. That's why the first pictures were often blurred. The first digital camera that allowed us to forget about the film was produced by Sony in 1981. Due to this approach we can make a photo in a second and enjoy it on our devices, as even a smartphone can take a picture of high quality and save it for you.

Lots of people all over the world chose photography as their profession. It has a high demand, as not everyone really knows how to make great photos, set the light and place the model into correct position. This is a very hard work, and before it a person needs to study a lot and get a serious practice. It is as creative as any other art, so sometimes if the person doesn't have a talent, he or she will not manage to develop in this sphere properly.

Women adore taking photos and participating in photosessions. You can easily see on VeronikaLove that ladies always look astonishing on the pictures in their profiles, but it is only because in real life they are not less stunning. Everything is also depends on the model!

VeronikaLove could pass by this beautiful holiday. We decided to present you a small gift to praise this visual art! On the 19th of August you will have the possibility to send 3 photos FOR FREE in chat! You will be able to show your lady the best shots you've ever done in your entire life! And your lady will surely be glad to estimate your work and tell you her opinion! Don't forget about this opportunity and have fun on the World Photography Day with VeronikaLove!

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